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  • Love Magic Mudpies

    Love, Magic & Mudpies
    Bernie Siegel

    Delivered with just the right dose of compassion, inspiration, and gentle humor, Love, Magic & Mudpies is an insightful and supportive guide on every aspect of parenting.

  • Transmettre l amour

    Transmettre l’amour
    Paul Lemoine

    Son ouvrage s’adresse tout d’abord aux parents, mais il est aussi utile aux médecins, aux infirmières, aux puéricultrices, aux enseignants. Paul Lemoine est décédé en 2006.

  • Sense and Sensibility Illustrated

    Sense and Sensibility (Illustrated)
    Jane Austen

    The novel sold out its first print run of 750 copies in the middle of 1813, marking a success for its author, who then had a second print run later that year. The novel continued in publication throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

  • Happy Healthy

    Happy & Healthy
    Peter Richel

    The logs at the end of the book enable parents to keep a handy record of such information as immunizations, test records, allergies and sensitivities, illnesses, and important contact information.

  • Gen lerin G z nden Allah Resul s a v

    Gençlerin Gözünden Allah Resulü (s.a.v.)
    Cüneyd Suavi

    Bu kitabı yazarken, gençlik yıllarımı hatırlamadan edemedim.

  • Oh No We Need a Nanny

    Oh No! We Need a Nanny!
    Carol Greco

    In this book, you will find a complete guide to finding, selecting and hiring a nanny as well as ways that will definitely help to keep you and your nanny happy.

  • The Gay Uncle s Guide to Parenting

    The Gay Uncle’s Guide to Parenting
    Brett Berk

    – Learn how to form a Sitter Stable, and get out of the house on a regular basis – Read about how Lifeboating–carting around too much stuff–limits your child's development, and how you can avoid it – Discover the magic of the EAR Method …

  • Emotional Vampires How to Deal with Emotional Vampires Break the Cycle of Manipulation A Self Guide to Take Control of Your Life Emotional Freedom

    Emotional Vampires : How to Deal with Emotional Vampires & Break the Cycle of Manipulation. ( A Self Guide to Take Control of Your Life & Emotional Freedom)
    Scott Green

    Do you know someone who makes you feel weak, but in a bad way?

  • The Modern Grandparent s Handbook

    The Modern Grandparent’s Handbook
    Georgia Witkin

    Dr. Georgia Witkin, senior editor of, draws on her experience as a psychiatry professor, therapist, and grandparent to help readers be the best grandparent they can be.

  • Momma s Life Lessons

    Momma’s Life Lessons
    Alessia Armstrong Westry

    Food, clothing and shelter are not at stake. I simply wanted a means to communicate. Each day as my child grow; there are life's lessons that he will need to know. This is why I very carefully wrote Momma's Life Lessons.

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