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  • Nel lento esistere

    Nel lento esistere
    Giovanna Avignoni

    La vita di ogni essere vivente è legata a equilibri instabili.

  • Multicultural Psychology

    Multicultural Psychology
    Gordon C. Nagayama Hall

    New to this edition: -New chapters on Clinical Psychology and Racial/Ethnic Identity and Acculturation -Greater focus on study of intersectional identities -Incorporates up-to-date research from a rapidly growing literature -Expanded …

  • Contentious Issues

    Contentious Issues
    Marianna Csoti

    Challenging prejudice, stereotyping and judgemental behaviour, this book consists of forty discussion stories which reflect society and the problems young people face today.

  • Violence and Social Injustice Against Lesbian Gay and Bisexual People

    Violence and Social Injustice Against Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People
    Lacey Sloan, Nora Gustavsson

    These and other specific areas will give you the information and the fortitude necessary to evoke positive change in your community: legal issues relating to same-sex marriage the connection between social injustice and violence violence …

  • Bearing Witness

    Bearing Witness
    Sandra L Bloom, Michael Reichert

    Upon completing this work, you will have a better understanding of the social causes of the violence epidemic and concrete suggestions for its long-term control.

  • Ethical and Legal Issues for Mental Health Professionals

    Ethical and Legal Issues for Mental Health Professionals
    Steven F Bucky, Joanne E Callan, George Stricker

    This book is a thorough examination of ethical behavior which can be used as a reference source for the professional or a textbook for graduate students. The handbook itself is divided into five sections.

  • Il coraggio di Emma

    Il coraggio di Emma
    Sara Cosmann

    Storia di una giovane donna in cerca di un amore vero, dopo alcune disavventure capiterà inaspettato…

  • La parete bianca

    La parete bianca
    Elga Amos

    Ma è l’attualità e la complessità dell’argomento trattato che hanno spinto Elga Amos a chiedere aiuto ai lettori più intraprendenti e impegnati nei modi descritti nella prima pagina del libro. Ѐ un’idea innovativa che coinvolge …

  • Comment accepter l autre tel qu il est

    Comment accepter l’autre tel qu’il est ?
    Mathilde Derasse, 50 minutes,

    Mais n’est-ce pas précisément cela qui fait toute notre richesse ? En 50 minutes, faites-le point et, grâce à nos conseils et à nos exercices pratiques, apprenez à devenir plus tolérant et à vous ouvrir aux autres.

  • Donne al bivio

    Donne al bivio
    Sara Cosmann

    Tre amiche si incontrano dopo 4 anni e comprendono come le loro reali esistenze siano lontane dai sogni e dalle aspettative di gioventù…. al bivio di una nuova opportunità di vita faranno la loro scelta

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