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  • On Wings of Love

    On Wings of Love
    Barbara Koenig

    The book will inspire you to be more romantic, more playful, and more thoughtful. It will make you think about how the perimeters of love are defined. Above all, it will invite you to appreciate the love you have in your own life.

  • Amor

    Daniel Marques

    O amor, por estes motivos, pode ser visto como algo positivo e negativo, e, igualmente, por essa razão, é temido.

  • Love  Easy to Find Hard to Keep

    Love “Easy to Find, Hard to Keep”
    Enrique Rodriguez

    This book is about the struggles in relationships and how to make it right with the one you love. This is a very helpful and unique way of showing you how to work through adversity.

  • Any Color But Beige

    Any Color But Beige
    Catherine Larose

    None of the self-help books prepared Cat for the often funny, occasionally puzzling, sometimes sad but always colorful dating adventures with an international cast of frogs, princes and players.

  • You and Me No 1

    You and Me No. 1
    Carole Sheldon, Keith E. Sheldon

    Our greatest hope is that at any age you, the reader, will love the book. Plus you will enjoy the book so much you will want to purchase and read our other books we have written or will in the future.

  • Woman to Woman

    Woman to Woman
    Daniela Granzotto

    Woman to Woman addresses major challenges women inevitably encounter in their pursuit of love.

  • Your Gay Friend s Guide To Understanding Men

    Your Gay Friend’s Guide To Understanding Men
    Bo Sebastian

    What kind of emotional baggage is likely to send a man packing? Is your heartthrob a deadbeat? Where are the best places to search for the man of your dreams? Explore all these questions and more with renowned Life Coach, Bo Sebastian.

  • Chasing Women Without Leaving Your Seat

    Chasing Women Without Leaving Your Seat
    Julian Barrie

    Let Chasing Women without Leaving Your Seat help you choose your life mate and guide you through the often tricky stages of friendship, courtship, relationship, nuptials, raising a family, and finally, retirement, while keeping the sparks …

  • 50 Ways to Read Your Lover

    50 Ways to Read Your Lover
    Todd Lyon

    Offers a collection of quizzes, games, and exercises–ranging from numerology and palmistry to Celtic runes, tarot readings, and tea leaves–designed to test one's love to see if he is Mr. Right.

  • Gypsy Magic for the Prosperity s Soul

    Gypsy Magic for the Prosperity’s Soul
    Allie Theiss

    They are a mix of Allie's personal secrets along with the successful combinations she uses to help her clients — and now you — succeed.Gypsy Magic for the Prosperity?s Soul provides easy-to-understand steps that incorporate ordinary …

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