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  • Valley in Autumn

    Valley in Autumn
    Lois Chisholm

    Cassie faced mortality. In the autumn of her life, she refused to leave her beautiful valley. She could retire on a tidy nest egg. However, the Eaggan’s tale of murder and mayhem intrigued her. The children and adults needed her.

  • Handbook of Feminist Family Studies

    Handbook of Feminist Family Studies
    Sally A. Lloyd, April L. Few, Katherine R. Allen

    The Handbook of Feminist Family Studies presents the important theories, methodologies, and practices in feminist family studies.

  • Ab ins Netz

    Ab ins Netz?!
    Katja Reim

    Eltern fürchten dort allerhand Gefahren – reale und weniger reale. Sich-Heraushalten oder Kontrolle scheinen oft die einzigen Alternativen. Katja Reim weiß, dass es auch anders geht.

  • Understanding Stepfamilies

    Understanding Stepfamilies
    Craig Everett

    Understanding Stepfamilies takes a large step toward achieving integration of the many variables presented in understanding the stepfamily system. The book examines the dynamics and resources within these complex family systems.

  • En honor a la verdad

    En honor a la verdad
    Martha Alicia Chávez

    Sin embargo, sí es necesario hacernos conscientes de esta situación para poder aceptar la verdad, que nos permite vivir en paz. En honor a la verdad es un libro sobre autenticidad, congruencia, confianza y el poder sanador de la verdad.

  • Introducing Psychology of Relationships

    Introducing Psychology of Relationships
    John Karter

    This Practical Guide will help you achieve new and healthier ways of relating by explaining some of the major underlying psychological ‘drivers’ that permeate relationships and identify and work on these unconscious motivating factors …

  • The Family Intervention Guide to Mental Illness

    The Family Intervention Guide to Mental Illness
    Bodie Morey, Kim Tornvall Mueser

    Outlines the nine fundamental steps to recognizing, managing, and recovering from mental illness, and provides both diagnostic information and details about therapy options and useful medications.

  • Dos para ser felices

    Dos para ser felices
    Lucía Náder, Lorena Eugenia Polanía Pérez

    Guía práctica para vivir en armonía con su pareja

  • Mindfulness for Health

    Mindfulness for Health
    Vidyamala Burch, Danny Penman

    The eight-week programme at the heart of this book takes just 10-20 minutes per day.

  • Fratelli e sorelle Una malattia d amore

    Fratelli e sorelle. Una malattia d’amore
    Marcel Rufo

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