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  • Women Who Love Sex

    Women Who Love Sex
    Gina Ogden

    In this revolutionary book, noted psychotherapist Gina Ogden brings together women who love sex to talk intimately and frankly about what gives them the greatest pleasure.

  • Trouble Free Travel with Children

    Trouble-Free Travel with Children
    Vicki Lansky

    This slim book (ideal for tucking into a purse or a tote) is packed with literally hundreds of ideas, hints and resources such as what to pack and what to leave behind, things to know when traveling alone, planning around children's ages …

  • Love Me Mama

    Love Me Mama
    Elsie Reed

    This book is a story of an unfavoured child called Victoria.

  • LONDON the City of Angels and Olympics

    LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics
    Bes; Syrk

    Obstacles-you are not going to threaten us! This is our new standpoint and we mean it! IMPORTANT THIS TEXT I was reading the eBook "Christ Consciousness" by Dr Joshua David Stone/Gloria Excelsias, available at www.

  • A Cup of Comfort for Couples

    A Cup of Comfort for Couples
    Colleen Sell

    But how often do you take the time to stop and appreciate your relationship? A Cup of Comfort for Couples pays tribute to the indefinable experience of being in love.

  • Adopting a Toddler

    Adopting a Toddler
    Denise Hoppenhauer

    "-Susan M. Ward Editor, Older Child Adoption Online Magazine, "Written with a mom's humor, this book contains the most practical advice on adopting a toddler I have ever read.

  • Dancing with Medusa A Life in Psychiatry

    Dancing with Medusa: A Life in Psychiatry
    H Michael Zal

    This is a story about Bella, a beautiful tale of caring, trust and emotional healing. It begins when Dr. Zal, a first-year resident in Psychiatry, meets a 20-year-old in the throws of a severe psychotic episode.

  • Love Him Love His Kids

    Love Him, Love His Kids
    Stan Wenck, Connie J. Hansen

    She’s the stepmother, and sometimes she feels as if she’s never played a more thankless role. It doesn’t have to be that way. With this book, the stepmother will find the advice she needs to win over even the most resistant children.

  • The Reading Remedy

    The Reading Remedy
    Marion Blank

    But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this groundbreaking new book, internationally recognized developmental psychologist and educator Dr. Marion Blank explains why current reading education is failing our children.

  • A Treatise on the Family Enlarged Edition

    A Treatise on the Family, Enlarged Edition
    Gary Stanley BECKER, Gary S Becker

    This is only one of the remarkable concepts explored by Gary Becker in his landmark work on the family.Becker applies economic theory to the most sensitive and fateful personal decisions, such as choosing a spouse or having children.

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