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  • The Two of Us

    The Two of Us
    Ellen Small

    This gift book combines contemporary black-and-white photographs with funny, honest sentiments, secrets, confessions, and tender moments shared by dogs and their owners.

  • Devotional Adventures

    Devotional Adventures
    Yvonne I. M. Davis

    Stories about Christian life to inspire the reader.

  • Single Again

    Single Again
    George B. Blake

    It’s a no-nonsense sharing of the experiences of over 15,000 “singles”, written to be fun, witty and very adaptable to your daily lifestyle. You’ll feel confident – and happy – about being Single Again!

  • When This Is Over I Will Go to School and I Will Learn to Read

    When This Is Over, I Will Go to School, and I Will Learn to Read
    Pamela Sisman Bitterman

    This true story of one little boy is told in his own words. While there are many books about Africa on the market, none are told from a child's point of view like this one. The children from the village created the book's illustrations.

  • Let s Take the Long Way Home

    Let’s Take the Long Way Home
    Gail Caldwell

    BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Gail Caldwell's New Life, No Instructions.

  • Phoenix

    J.D. Dolan

    Phoenix is J. D. Dolan's personal reflections on the agonizing weeks spent coming to terms with his brother's fate, and his attempt to bring their relationship into perspective. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Barkley Aka a Small Person in a Black Fur Coat

    Barkley Aka a Small Person in a Black Fur Coat
    Ann G. Davis

    Barkley AKA A Small Person In A Black Fur Coat is the story of our almost sixteen year old male cocker spaniel as he reflected upon his life and all it brought.

  • Male Male Intimacy in Early America

    Male-Male Intimacy in Early America
    William E Benemann

    He recognizes that men have been sexually attracted to other men throughout American history, and in this book, examines their historical options for expressing that attraction.

  • Me and the Boys

    Me and the Boys
    Anthony Connor

    Me And The Boys is the story of the loyal friendships that grew among a group of inner-city guys and lasted more than forty years.

  • The Work of Friendship

    The Work of Friendship
    Dianne Rothleder

    Develops a theory of friendship as a space that is neither public nor private.

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