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  • Ab ins Netz

    Ab ins Netz?!
    Katja Reim

    Eltern fürchten dort allerhand Gefahren – reale und weniger reale. Sich-Heraushalten oder Kontrolle scheinen oft die einzigen Alternativen. Katja Reim weiß, dass es auch anders geht.

  • A SCUOLA CON BES E DSA Dall intelligenza emotiva al cooperative learning all utilizzo dell ICF per una didattica inclusiva

    A SCUOLA CON BES E DSA. Dall’intelligenza emotiva al cooperative learning all’utilizzo dell’ICF per una didattica inclusiva
    Fernando Salvatore Fiore

    Fernando Salvatore Fiore insegna filosofia e storia presso i licei.

  • The Essential Guide to Bullying

    The Essential Guide to Bullying
    Cindy Miller, Cynthia Lowen

    The Essential Guide to Bullying brings together the wisdom and experience of two people who have witnessed bullying's causes and tragic effects.

  • Warum es nicht so schlimm ist in der Schule schlecht zu sein

    Warum es nicht so schlimm ist, in der Schule schlecht zu sein
    Heidemarie Brosche

    Heidemarie Brosche relativiert mit Humor und Verstand die Bedeutung schlechter Noten und zeigt Auswege aus dem Dilemma. Denn viele heute erfolgreiche Menschen waren einst schlechte Schüler.

  • The Enlightened College Applicant

    The Enlightened College Applicant
    Andrew Belasco, Dave Bergman

    The Enlightened College Applicant presents a no-nonsense account of how students should approach the college search and admissions process.

  • A Mind at a Time

    A Mind at a Time
    Mel Levine

    A professor of pediatrics reveals the many modes of learning and arms parents and teachers with the knowledge they need to help children prosper in a school environment.

  •                      е      е е к

    Растим счастливого и успешного ребенка
    Маховская Ольга Ивановна

    Вы мечтаете стать супер-родителем, чтобы растить счастливого и успешного ребенка? Не знаете, как преодолеть сложности в отношениях …

  • Nel paese dell Arcobaleno Nidi

    Nel paese dell’Arcobaleno – Nidi
    Carmela Lo Presti

    Carmela Lo Presti – “NEL PAESE DELL’ARCOBALENO – NIDI Manuale per lo sviluppo dell’intelligenza emotiva e della comunicazione attraverso la globalità dei linguaggi e la P N L per Educatori e Genitori Il Manuale (pagg. 328 su carta …

  • College Admissions Together

    College Admissions Together
    Steven Roy Goodman, Andrea Leiman

    As featured on NPR and the Wall Street Journal — A top educational consultant and a family psychologist join forces to offer sane, savvy advice for bonding as a family as you steer your children through choosing a college

  • C mo Olvidar a Alguien

    Cómo Olvidar a Alguien
    M. Farouk Radwan

    Si piensas que enamorarse implica dolor, sufrimiento, llorar o deprimirse entonces no sigas, ya que este libro cambiará permanentemente tus hábitos sobre terminar una relación.

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