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  • Portraits of Literacy Across Families Communities and Schools

    Portraits of Literacy Across Families, Communities, and Schools
    Jim Anderson, Maureen Kendrick, Theresa Rogers, Suzanne Smythe

    Designed to stimulate debate and critical thinking and to draw readers' attention to the ideological nature of literacy education across a broad range of literacy contexts, this book crosses traditional boundaries between the study of …

  • Handbook of Family Literacy

    Handbook of Family Literacy
    Barbara H. Wasik

    The Handbook of Family Literacy, 2e, provides the most comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of family literacy of any available book.

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    Играем и развиваем речь. Книга-раскраска для подготовки к школе
    Селивановская Галина Львовна

    Надоели скучные и неинтересные учебники? Новая обучающая книга-раскраска поможет вам. Она станет незаменимым помощником для …

  • Issues in School Violence Research

    Issues in School Violence Research
    Rusell Skiba, Gale Morrison, Michael Furlong, Dewey Gene Cornell

    It is only through objective analysis that school violence research can develop new insights. This book presents topics that should stimulate new and better inquiry into the climate within which school violence occurs.

  • Ready for Preschool

    Ready for Preschool
    Nancy B. Hertzog

    Today's parents are concerned about their child's education and school success more than ever before, and Ready for Preschool gives these parents the support and strategies they need to ensure their child gets the right head start on …

  • Rodale s Nontoxic Back to School Shopping Guide

    Rodale’s Nontoxic Back-to-School Shopping Guide
    Emily Main, Leah Zerbe, The Editors of

    To help you navigate the sometimes confusing array of backpacks, book bags, lunch boxes, art supplies, and other educational accessories — and separate the truly healthful from the overly hyped —'s editors have compiled this …

  • S O S Tata

    S.O.S. Tata
    Elisabetta Ambrosi

    Dalla famosissima e amatissima trasmissione televisiva, una nuova guida, indispensabile per tutta la famiglia e per tutti quelli che si trovano a gestire un momento delicato e bellissimo della crescita di ciascun bambino: la prima età …

  • Humor and Children s Development

    Humor and Children’s Development
    Paul E Mcghee, Mary Frank

    Here is the first book that is geared toward practical applications of humor with children.

  • Getting Ready to Read

    Getting Ready to Read
    Betty D. Boegehold

    This warm, practical guide provides you with advice about games and activities that will pave the way to good reading skills as they bring hours of enjoyment to both parent and child.

  • Passport for Parenting

    Passport for Parenting
    Lietta Powell

    12 Chapters Providing Tips For Empowered Parenting: Planting The Seeds For A Secure Future What does Family mean to You?

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