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  • Christians Caught in the Divorce Trap

    Christians Caught in the Divorce Trap
    Bruce Parmenter

    Where do Christians turn when it happens to them? What happens to the children? How does it affect others in the church? This book is divided into two parts. Part one is how to deal with life after divorce.

  • Midlife Maze

    Midlife Maze
    Janis Clark Johnston

    Through first hand stories and practical exercises, the author leads readers through the midlife maze to a place of recovery, purpose, and peace.

  • Custody Chaos Personal Peace

    Custody Chaos, Personal Peace
    Jeffrey P. Wittman

    The co-founder of the "Kids First" program offers divorced parents a complete guide to sharing custody of one's children, explaining how to cope with a difficult relationship with a former spouse while promoting the welfare of the children, …

  • Rebuilding Workbook

    Rebuilding Workbook
    Bruce Fisher, Jere Bierhaus

    Expert guidance from distinguished divorce therapist Bruce Fisher, together with the informal, readable, warm and friendly style of this manual, make the Rebuilding Workbook an outstanding resource for anyone involved in the process of …

  • Do Men Mother

    Do Men Mother?
    Andrea Doucet

    Are men mothering or are they redefining fatherhood? Do Men Mother? illuminates fathers' candid reflections on caring and the intricate social worlds that men and women inhabit as they 'love and let go' of their children.

  • Divorce in Medieval England

    Divorce in Medieval England
    Sara M. Butler

    This book challenges that viewpoint, documenting the many and varied uses of divorce in the medieval period and highlighting the fact that couples regularly divorced on the grounds of spousal incompatibility.

  • Understanding Stepfamilies

    Understanding Stepfamilies
    Craig Everett

    Understanding Stepfamilies takes a large step toward achieving integration of the many variables presented in understanding the stepfamily system. The book examines the dynamics and resources within these complex family systems.

  • Betrayal of Sacred Trust

    Betrayal of Sacred Trust
    Barbara Stuart

    Barbara Stuart has led many workshops with women who live with their unfaithful husbands, and it was from those sessions that the study was carried out, and later the birth of "Betrayal of Sacred Trust," which covers the following topics: …

  • The Yoga of Divorce

    The Yoga of Divorce
    Mike MacConnell

    The Yoga of Divorce advocates that we shift our reactions and embrace the notion of cooperative opposition, the idea that the same non-adversarial process that works on the yoga mat can be used at the negotiation table.


    David Whitaker, PhD and Chad Mager, MA

    FULL RESTORATION is not just about divorce! There is no other book like this one! Full Restoration reaches out to any Christian who has sinned in his or her past. God’s restoration is never partial, but complete!

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