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  • Christians Caught in the Divorce Trap

    Christians Caught in the Divorce Trap
    Bruce Parmenter

    Where do Christians turn when it happens to them? What happens to the children? How does it affect others in the church? This book is divided into two parts. Part one is how to deal with life after divorce.

  • Walking Into Walls

    Walking Into Walls
    Stephen Arterburn

    Best-selling author Stephen Arterburn leads us through the process of deconstructing the issues that built those walls as well as find the permanent healing that frees us to live the joyful life we were meant to live.

  • Stop Marrying Mistakes

    Stop Marrying Mistakes
    Lisa J. Peck

    After a divorce, men and women face crucial issues to recover their self-esteem and rebuild their lives. Peck provides an exceptional guide with clear steps to help readers rebuild, strengthen, and enhance their relationships.

  • Being White

    Being White
    Doug Power

    The people he comes to trust and learn from are people who are not white. They’re Indian, they’re Hispanic, and mostly they’re Black. So who is he, he wonders, who thought of himself as White? This is the story of how it turns out.

  • The Smart Divorce

    The Smart Divorce
    Deborah Moskovitch

    This guide coaches separating couples how to build a shortlist of the best divorce attorneys in their area, how to conduct an interview to find the right one, and what the full range of legal options are for each case.

  • Good Parenting Through Your Divorce

    Good Parenting Through Your Divorce
    Mary Ellen Hannibal, Mary Hannibal

    "Good Parenting Through Your Divorce" distills KidsOCO Turn wisdom for individual readers, presenting key topics that concern all parents and their children throughout the divorce and beyond, including: ?

  • Divorce

    Infinite Ideas, Victoria Perret

    Written from first hand experience this book talks honestly and realistically about the divorce process and its effects, and provides the motivational techniques to bounce back from a difficult time.

  • Debating Divorce

    Debating Divorce
    Michele Dillon

    In Debating Divorce, Michele Dillon uses the divorce referendum debate in Ireland as a base from which to explore the long-standing sociological preoccupation with how societies decide questions of values.

  • Rebuilding Workbook

    Rebuilding Workbook
    Bruce Fisher, Jere Bierhaus

    Expert guidance from distinguished divorce therapist Bruce Fisher, together with the informal, readable, warm and friendly style of this manual, make theRebuilding Workbook an outstanding resource for anyone involved in the process of …

  • Coming Out Together

    Coming Out Together
    Martha Edens Clark

    This is the story of a young woman (the author) who knew next to nothing about homosexuality, and a young minister (Maurice) who suppressed his homosexuality for 55 years.

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