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  • A Special Scar

    A Special Scar
    Alison Wertheimer

    This new edition will continue to be an invaluable resource for survivors of suicide as well as for all those who are in contact with them, including police and coroner'sofficers, bereavement services, self-help organizations for survivors, …

  • I Can t Stop Crying

    I Can’t Stop Crying
    John D. Martin, Frank D. Ferris

    The book includes an appendix with bereavement groups, resources, and other self-help organizations for grievers. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • The Widowed Self

    The Widowed Self
    Deborah Kestin van den Hoonaard

    Annotation Honaard (gerontology, St. Thomas University, New Brunswick) combines sociological theory with the stories of widows.

  • When a Loved One Dies

    When a Loved One Dies
    Philip W. Williams

    Meditations for the journey through grief.

  • Death Benefits How Losing a Parent Can Change an Adult s Life  for the Better

    Death Benefits: How Losing a Parent Can Change an Adult’s Life[¬”for the Better
    Safer Ph. D. Jeanne Safer Ph. D., Jeanne Safer

    In this updated paperback edition, Safer includes a helpful resource section, including information on hospice care, rehabilitation programs, and more.

  • Choices for Living

    Choices for Living
    Thomas S. Langner

    In contrast, this book looks at the ways in which the fear of death operates on a back burner throughout our lives and how it influences the choices we make and the paths that we follow in life.

  • Language Metaphysics and Death

    Language, Metaphysics, and Death
    John Donnelly

    This standard work in thanatology is updated with ten essays new to the second edition, and features a new introduction by Donnelly. The collection addresses certain basic issues inherent in a philosophy of death.

  • The Good Death

    The Good Death
    Ann Neumann

    The Good Death presents a fearless examination of how we approach death, and how those of us close to dying loved ones live in death’s wake. From the Hardcover edition.

  • The Handbook for Companioning the Mourner

    The Handbook for Companioning the Mourner
    Alan D. Wolfelt

    Partly a counseling model and partly an explanation of true empathy, this handbook explores the ways companionship eases grief.

  • And You Visited Me

    And You Visited Me
    Charles W. Gusmer

    Priests, deacons, and students of liturgy will find this work a sourcebook for understanding the development of the rites and a guide in the ritual praxis.

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