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  • The Perfect Name

    The Perfect Name
    Jeanine Cox

    Offers advice on choosing a baby name and includes origins, meanings, and trivia for more than twenty thousand names from around the world.

  • Best Baby Names for 2017

    Best Baby Names for 2017
    Siobhan Thomas

    Including: – A-Z directories of over 8,000 names and their meanings – Over 100 inspirational lists – Naming trends for 2017 – Tips for choosing the perfect name for your baby Including modern names and variants, plus classics that have …

  • 15 000 Baby Names

    15,000+ Baby Names
    Bruce Lansky

    You'll find a name for your new baby in this book! 15,000+ Baby Names was designed to let you easily scan through a list girls' and boys' names to find the right name for your new baby.

  • Kamus Lengkap Nama Bayi Islami

    Kamus Lengkap Nama Bayi Islami
    Agus Priyanto S.Pd

    Buku _Kamus Lengkap Nama Bayi Islami_ diberikan untuk menerangkan kepada para orang tua yang ingin memberikan nama-nama buah hati secara Islami dengan memaknai arti dari nama tersebut.

  • Untaian Variasi Nama Bayi Islami

    Untaian Variasi Nama Bayi Islami
    Bunda Hanif Rasya

    Daftar Isi Nama-Nama yang Dilarang Dalam Islam Saran Pemberian Nama Dalam Islam Saran untuk Nama dari Anak yang Diadopsi Doa & Dzikir untuk Ibu Hamil Dzikir Ketika Persalinan – Saran Rangkaian Nama Bayi Laki-Laki Saran Rangkaian Nama Bayi …

  • Baby Names

    Baby Names
    Laura Emerson

    From the traditional to the most unique and unusual, this book will provide the perfect guide to the thousands of options available.

  • Sci fi Baby Names

    Sci-fi Baby Names
    Robert Schnakenberg

    Presents five hundred baby names taken from science fiction movies, books, and television shows, providing information on each name's origin and source, and includes a description, quotation, and trivia information.

  • PrĂ noms en poĂ sie

    Prénoms en poésie
    Daniel Regrenil

    EXTRAIT CĂ©line Ton sens aigu de la courtoisie Et ta joie de vivre exceptionnelle Te permettent d’avoir des tas d’amis Toutefois, tu prĂ©fères voler de tes propres ailes Tes aĂ®nĂ©s peuvent ĂŞtre fiers Tu es ambitieuse et ne perds pas …

  • Sacred Baby Names

    Sacred Baby Names
    Kjirstin Youngberg

    In this intriguing collection of baby names from all over the globe, you'll learn about each name's history, meaning, and variations, so you can pick the perfect name for your newborn or simply learn more about the names of the people all …

  • Babiesâ Names Collins Gem

    Babies’ Names (Collins Gem)

    A brand-new edition of this best-selling guide to over 1,500 first names. Gem Babies’ Names gives the origins of each name, and also lists the most popular girls’ and boys’ names in Britain today.

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