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  • Baby Names

    Baby Names
    DK Publishing

    This great collection of first names will help you to find the right one for your baby.

  • Kamus Lengkap Nama Bayi Islami

    Kamus Lengkap Nama Bayi Islami
    Agus Priyanto S.Pd

    Buku _Kamus Lengkap Nama Bayi Islami_ diberikan untuk menerangkan kepada para orang tua yang ingin memberikan nama-nama buah hati secara Islami dengan memaknai arti dari nama tersebut.

  • Sacred Baby Names

    Sacred Baby Names
    Kjirstin Youngberg

    In this intriguing collection of baby names from all over the globe, you'll learn about each name's history, meaning, and variations, so you can pick the perfect name for your newborn or simply learn more about the names of the people all …

  • World of Baby Names A Revised

    World of Baby Names, A (Revised)
    Teresa Norman

    One of the most comprehensive baby name reference guides available, featuring more than 30,000 baby names, has been revised and expanded.

  • Origins of Chinese Names

    Origins of Chinese Names
    Lim SK

    As the book covers the entire span of recorded Chinese history from the past to the present, you will find it an eye-opener as a reference manual and a delightful source of little-known facts.

  • Christian Christian Names Baby Names inspired by the Bible and the Saints

    Christian Christian Names: Baby Names inspired by the Bible and the Saints
    Martin Manser

    Are you looking for a baby name with a deeper meaning? Or for a popular and resonant name that has stood the test of time? If so, then Christian Christian Names is the only book you'll need.

  • Biblical Baby Names for Today

    Biblical Baby Names for Today
    Meera Lester

    After her husband Nabal died, the widow Abigail became King David's wife. Having a boy? What about Benjamin? Meaning "Son of my right hand and fortunate," this is another Hebrew name.

  • Little Snuggler

    Little Snuggler
    Rob Mejia

    And we all know a Binky Boy or Girl. Little Snuggler makes a delightful gift for new parents, whatever their baby's personality.

  • Hey Baby What s Your Name

    Hey Baby! What’s Your Name
    Shandley McMurray

    Looking for weird names? Hey Baby! has got those, too. Even quiz lovers are in luck. This book includes two fun, interactive quizzes to help get readers more involved – and give them a brain break from tough decision-making.

  • Rangkaian Nama Bayi Dunia Indah dan Bermakna

    Rangkaian Nama Bayi Dunia Indah dan Bermakna
    Neyla Ulhaq Salsabila Nadhifah

    Ketika bayi akan lahir, banyak persiapan yang dilakukan oleh orangtua.

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