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  • The International Adoption Handbook

    The International Adoption Handbook
    Myra Alperson

    Equally informative are the author's interviews of a number of adoptive families whose stories are interspersed throughout the book. By sharing their experiences, they help to make the process work for others.

  • How Does Foster Care Work

    How Does Foster Care Work?
    Elizabeth Fernandez, Richard Barth

    This book is important reading for anyone involved in delivering child welfare services, such as administrators, practitioners, researchers, policy makers, children's advocates, academics and students.

  • Adopting a Toddler

    Adopting a Toddler
    Denise Hoppenhauer

    "-Susan M. Ward Editor, Older Child Adoption Online Magazine, "Written with a mom's humor, this book contains the most practical advice on adopting a toddler I have ever read.

  • What Else But Home

    What Else But Home
    Michael Rosen

    The boys began to see the Rosens as more than just an arcade of middle-class creature comforts; the Rosens began to learn the full stories of the boys’ fractured lives.

  • Another Mother

    Another Mother
    Sarah Gerstenzang

    The author describes her experiences being a foster parent, discussing home visits, intervention evaluation, parenting training sessions, transracial placement, and other related topics.

  • I figli che aspettano

    I figli che aspettano
    Carla Forcolin

  • Mummyâ s Little Helper The heartrending true story of a young girl secretly caring for her severely disabled mother

    Mummy’s Little Helper: The heartrending true story of a young girl secretly caring for her severely disabled mother
    Casey Watson

    Many remain invisible to a system that would otherwise help them. Abigail is one of those children. This is her story.

  • International Korean Adoption

    International Korean Adoption
    Kathleen Ja Sook Bergquist, M. Elizabeth Vonk, Dong Soo Kim, Marvin D. Feit

    Through original research and personal accounts, this revealing text explores how Korean adoptees and their families fit into their family roles—and offers clear perspectives on adoption as child welfare practice.

  • My Three Sons

    My Three Sons
    John Sonego

    Little did they know they would become the fathers of not one, not two, but three precious boys. My Three Sons shares the heartwarming true story of this incredible family.

  • Adozione le nuove regole Come affrontare meglio il viaggio dell adozione

    Adozione: le nuove regole. Come affrontare meglio il viaggio dell’adozione
    Anna G. Miliotti

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