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  • Adozione le nuove regole Come affrontare meglio il viaggio dell adozione

    Adozione: le nuove regole. Come affrontare meglio il viaggio dell’adozione
    Anna G. Miliotti

  • Adopting Maternity

    Adopting Maternity
    Nora Rose Moosnick

    Examines issues surrounding adoption across racial and national lines and contrasts this with monoracial adoption, and provides feminist analysis of the experience of mothering adopted children.

  • A Random Figurine

    A Random Figurine
    Susannah D. McCallum

    I’ve written this book for two reasons; first because my story is different and I thought it would be of interest to my readers, and second, as a therapeutic tool for myself, recollecting memories of my past and the significance each …

  • Adopting in China

    Adopting in China

    Simplifying important information about procedures, forms, and agencies, the guide is also the personal story of one middle-aged couple’s quest to become parents—as well as why and how they made the decision and what went on before, …

  • The Chinese Adoption Handbook

    The Chinese Adoption Handbook
    John Maclean

    American parents are now adopting over 6,000 children a year from China and Korea. John Maclean's The Chinese Adoption Handbook is a comprehensive guide to adopting a child from China and Korea.

  • Adoption for Troubled Children

    Adoption for Troubled Children
    Douglas Powers

    Written with enormous compassion and understanding, Adoption for Troubled Children addresses the special problems encountered in the adoption of older children and demonstrates the need for synchronized efforts between and among individuals …

  • Keys to Parenting an Adopted Child

    Keys to Parenting an Adopted Child
    Kathy Lancaster

    Provides advice to parents on all aspects of adoption, including preparing for placement, bonding with an adopted child, coping with a child's problems, and interracial and international adoption.

  • Adopting after Infertility

    Adopting after Infertility
    Rachel Balen, Marilyn Crawshaw

    This book will be essential reading for professionals and academics from a range of disciplines including social work, psychology, health, mental health and counselling.

  • Adoption Policy and Special Needs Children

    Adoption Policy and Special Needs Children
    Rosemary J. Avery

    An essential guide to key issues of practice and policy in child welfare.

  • Strangers and Kin

    Strangers and Kin
    Barbara MELOSH, Barbara Melosh

    Strangers and Kin is the history of adoption. An adoptive mother herself, Barbara Melosh tells the story of how married couples without children sought to care for and nurture other people's children as their own.

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