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  • Universal and Accessible Design for Products Services and Processes

    Universal and Accessible Design for Products, Services, and Processes
    Robert F. Erlandson

    Divided into four sections, the book begins with a broad-brush overview of the societal and global issues that continue to nurture the growth of accessible and universal design.

  • Designing Pleasurable Products

    Designing Pleasurable Products
    Patrick W. Jordan

    In this book it is argued that in practice these approaches can be dehumanizing. People are more than merely physical and cognitive processors.

  • Human Factors Issues in Handgun Safety and Forensics

    Human Factors Issues in Handgun Safety and Forensics
    Hal W. Hendrick, Paul Paradis, Richard J. Hornick

    This seminal work identifies numerous human factors in handgun design, training, and related human behavior in unintentional and inadvertent shooting incidents.

  • Exploring Materials

    Exploring Materials
    Inna Alesina, Ellen Lupton

    This book is an action-oriented, accessible guide to design thinking that addresses both the how and why of product design.

  • Materiali e innovazioni nel Design

    Materiali e innovazioni nel Design
    Marinella Ferrara

    Questo libro affronta una questione di grande attualità nell'ambito della discussione sul design: il nesso fra i materiali e il meccanismo di innovazione del prodotto.

  • Design for Life

    Design for Life
    Stuart Walker

    Design for Life is an intensely original contribution that will be essential reading for design practitioners and students.

  • Designing for Situation Awareness

    Designing for Situation Awareness
    Mica R. Endsley, Betty Bolte, Debra G. Jones

    This book serves as a helpful reference to that end.

  • Beyond Design

    Beyond Design
    Sandra J. Keiser, Myrna B. Garner

    Now in full colour, the third edition of this practical text takes students step-by-step through the pre-production processes of apparel product development: planning, forecasting, fabricating, line development, technical design, pricing …

  • Designing Motion

    Designing Motion
    Markus Caspers

    Die Liege von Le Corbusier, das Radio von Rams, der Stuhl von Eames – Designer machen Dinge zu Kultobjekten und werden selbst zu Ikonen.

  • Handbook of Human Factors in Medical Device Design

    Handbook of Human Factors in Medical Device Design
    Matthew Bret Weinger, Michael E. Wiklund, Daryle Jean Gardner-Bonneau

    The book also presents a listing of resources, literature, and website references. It not only focuses on the human factors issues that arise when developing medical devices, it supplies the necessary guidance to resolve them.

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