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  • Designing Pleasurable Products

    Designing Pleasurable Products
    Patrick W. Jordan

    In this book it is argued that in practice these approaches can be dehumanizing. People are more than merely physical and cognitive processors.

  • Cross Cultural Design for IT Products and Services

    Cross-Cultural Design for IT Products and Services
    Pei-Luen Patrick Rau, Tom Plocher, Yee-Yin Choong

    The book presents an overview of the dimensions of culture that have implications for human information processing and affective response.

  • Human Factors Issues in Handgun Safety and Forensics

    Human Factors Issues in Handgun Safety and Forensics
    Hal W. Hendrick, Paul Paradis, Richard J. Hornick

    This seminal work identifies numerous human factors in handgun design, training, and related human behavior in unintentional and inadvertent shooting incidents.

  • Technology Business and the Market

    Technology, Business and the Market
    Dr John S Sheldrake

    Using case studies examining the impact of new materials, techniques and technologies, this book explores the linkages between innovation, entrepreneurship, business (including finance), design, manufacturing, branding and marketing.

  • The Customer Driven Playbook

    The Customer-Driven Playbook
    Travis Lowdermilk, Jessica Rich

    This book shows team leads, researchers, designers, and managers how to use the Hypothesis Progression Framework (HPF) to formulate, experiment with, and make sense of critical customer and product assumptions at every stage.

  • Light Sources Second Edition

    Light Sources, Second Edition
    Spiros Kitsinelis, Spyridon Kitsinelis

    New to the Second Edition Enhanced material on LEDs New chapter on matching lighting technology with the appropriate applications New chapter on light and health New case studies on indoor and outdoor lighting for security and safety This …

  • The Politics of Parametricism

    The Politics of Parametricism
    Matthew Poole, Manuel Shvartzberg

    The Politics of Parametricism addresses these issues, offering a collection of new essays written by leading international thinkers in the fields of digital design, architecture, theory and technology.

  • Exploring Materials

    Exploring Materials
    Inna Alesina, Ellen Lupton

    This book is an action-oriented, accessible guide to design thinking that addresses both the how and why of product design.

  • Kurt Naef Der Spielzeugmacher The Toymaker

    Kurt Naef – Der Spielzeugmacher / The Toymaker
    Charles von B├╝ren

    Er reproduzierte einige Spiele-Klassiker von renommierten Bauhaus-Entwerfern. Naef-Spiele sind in bedeutenden Museumssammlungen vertreten, so etwa im Museum of Modern Art und in Japan.

  • Iterative Optimization in Inverse Problems

    Iterative Optimization in Inverse Problems
    Charles L. Byrne

    Organizing the topics from general to more specific, the book first gives an overview of sequential optimization, the subclasses of auxiliary-function methods, and the SUMMA algorithms.

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