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  • Manifestationen im Entwurf

    Manifestationen im Entwurf
    Thomas H. Schmitz, Roger Häußling, Claudia Mareis, Hannah Groninger

    Den im Entwurfsprozess entwickelten Artefakten wird ebenso wie den Dingen unserer gestalteten Welt noch zu wenig öffentliche und wissenschaftliche Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt.

  • analog und digital

    analog und digital
    Otl Aicher

    Otl Aicher (1922 –1991) war einer der herausragenden Vertreter des modernen Designs, er war Mitbegründer der legendären Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm (HfG).

  • Designers Users and Justice

    Designers, Users and Justice
    Turkka Keinonen

    How can we evaluate the user's experience of designed products and services? These fundamental questions are addressed in Designers, Users, and Justice, through a series of dialogues between a design scholar and a designer.

  • The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design

    The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design
    Graeme Brooker, Lois Weinthal

    The Handbook of Interior Architecture and Design offers a compelling collection of original essays that seek to examine the shifting role of interior architecture and interior design, and their importance and meaning within the contemporary …

  • Street Furniture Design

    Street Furniture Design
    Eleanor Herring

    Eleanor Herring's unique study of street furniture in post-war Britain considers how objects which are now familiar parts of our urban environment were designed to populate public spaces.

  • Oriental Interiors

    Oriental Interiors
    John Potvin

    Oriental Interiors is the first book to fully explore the formation and perception of eastern-inspired interiors from an orientalist perspective.

  • Print 75

    Print 75
    Print Magazine

  • The Erotic Cloth

    The Erotic Cloth
    Alice Kettle, Lesley Millar

    This book is the first critical examination of the erotically charged relationship between the surface of the skin and the touch of cloth, exploring the ways in which textiles can seduce, conceal and reveal through their interactions with …

  • Designing Business and Management

    Designing Business and Management
    Sabine Junginger, Jürgen Faust

    The book zooms in on designing beyond products and services. It focuses on designing businesses with a particular onus on social business and social entrepreneurship.

  • Designing Modern Norway

    Designing Modern Norway
    Kjetil Fallan

    Rather than a conventional national design history survey that focuses on designers and objects, this is an in-depth study of the ideologies, organizations, strategies and politics that combined might be said to have "designed" the modern …

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