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  • The Second Digital Turn

    The Second Digital Turn
    Mario Carpo

    In this book, Mario Carpo suggests that the same technical logic, now applied to all kinds of immaterial objects and to commerce at large, is heralding a new society without scale, where bigger markets will not make anything cheaper. he …

  • The Design of Childhood

    The Design of Childhood
    Alexandra Lange

    Seen through Lange's eyes, everything from the sandbox to the street becomes vibrant with buried meaning. The Design of Childhood will change the way you view your children's world–and your own.

  • Manifestationen im Entwurf

    Manifestationen im Entwurf
    Thomas H. Schmitz, Roger Häußling, Claudia Mareis, Hannah Groninger

    Den im Entwurfsprozess entwickelten Artefakten wird ebenso wie den Dingen unserer gestalteten Welt noch zu wenig öffentliche und wissenschaftliche Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt.

  • Letture d interni

    Letture d’interni
    AA. VV.


  • Designing Modern Britain

    Designing Modern Britain
    Cheryl Buckley

    Employing numerous examples of classic British design, Designing Modern Britain delves into the history of British design culture, and thereby tracks the evolution of the British national identity.

  • The Politics of Parametricism

    The Politics of Parametricism
    Matthew Poole, Manuel Shvartzberg

    The Politics of Parametricism addresses these issues, offering a collection of new essays written by leading international thinkers in the fields of digital design, architecture, theory and technology.

  • The Political Unconscious of Architecture

    The Political Unconscious of Architecture
    Professor Nadir Lahiji

    " Bringing together a team of leading scholars this book critically examines the important contribution made by this eminent cultural and literary critic, and breaks new ground in architectural criticism, offering insights into the …

  • Design Interni Riflessioni su una disciplina in evoluzione tra formazione e professione

    Design & Interni. Riflessioni su una disciplina in evoluzione tra formazione e professione
    Alessandro Biamonti

    Perché Alessandro Biamonti sa perfettamente che in un mondo che negli ultimi vent'anni è mutato più che in tanti secoli precedenti noi non possiamo più progettare e produrre (e nemmeno pensare, comunicare, vivere) come facevamo appena …

  • Interior Design and Identity

    Interior Design and Identity
    Susie McKellar, Penny Sparke

    This fascinating collection provides a chronologically arranged set of case studies looking at how interior design has constantly redefined itself as a manifestation of culture, from the eighteenth century to the present day.

  • Dutch Design

    Dutch Design
    Mienke Simon Thomas

    The book also discusses the role played by leading Dutch designers and their works, including Wim Crouwel, Marcel Wanders, and the design collective Droog Design.

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