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  • Future Interaction Design

    Future Interaction Design
    A. Pirhonen, H. Isomäki, C. Roast, P. Saariluoma

    Such a science has been called cognitive ergonomics or cognitive engineering (Norman 1986). Simon’s cognitive ergonomics (1969), would be independent of cognitive science, its basic science, although both would be closely related.

  • The Designer s Guide to Business and Careers

    The Designer’s Guide to Business and Careers
    Peg Faimon

    The Designer's Guide to Business and Careers will give you everything you need to experience immediate success in your career.

  • Experimental Pattern Sourcebook

    Experimental Pattern Sourcebook
    Jackie Herald

    DIVAuthor Jackie Herald’s selection is designed to inspire, provoke, amuse, and suggest new associations of ideas, materials, and imagery for further experimentation./div The book features 40 contributors from 21 countries:Australia …

  • 이로니, 이디시

    승자는 저 멀리 따로 있다. 나도 오늘 지러 나왔다. 처음부터 패자였고 무엇을 해도 이길 수는 없다. ―「목표는 머리끄덩이」중에서

  • Designing for the Greater Good

    Designing for the Greater Good
    Peleg Top, Jonathan Cleveland

    This first-ever book of its kind, Designing for the Greater Good, features hundreds of illustrated examples of the best nonprofit and cause-related design worldwide, plus 24 inspiring case studies and insights into great nonprofit branding …

  • Visual Language for Designers

    Visual Language for Designers
    Connie Malamed

    New in paperback, this book presents ways to design for the strengths of our innate mental capacities and to compensate for our cognitive limitations.

  • Designing Modern Britain

    Designing Modern Britain
    Cheryl Buckley

    Employing numerous examples of classic British design, Designing Modern Britain delves into the history of British design culture, and thereby tracks the evolution of the British national identity.

  • Design

    Bernhard E. Bürdek

    For students of design, professional product designers, and anyone interested in design equally indispensable: the fully revised and updated edition of the reference work on product design.

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    Чему вас не научат в дизайн-школе
    Кливер Ф.

    Эта увлекательная и полезная книга погружает читателя в творческий мир графического дизайна. Основываясь на своем опыте …

  • Design for Personalisation

    Design for Personalisation
    Iryna Kuksa, Tom Fisher

    This book presents taxonomy of personalisation, and its potential consequences for the design profession as well as its ethical and political dimensions through a collection of essays from a range of academic perspectives.

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