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    람세스 5 제왕의 길
    크리앙자크 자크

    신이 되고자 했던 사내, 람세스 고대 이집트의 영광이 시간의 사막을 가로 흘러 오늘 우리 눈앞에 생생하게 되살아난다. 스릴과 감동의 물결이 넘치는 장대한 역사 로망!

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    Сожги свое портфолио! То, чему не учат в дизайнерских школах
    Джанда Майкл

    Эта книга даст гораздо больше для успешной карьеры в дизайне, чем профильное дизайнерское образование или впечатляющее портфолио. …

  • Designing for the Greater Good

    Designing for the Greater Good
    Peleg Top, Jonathan Cleveland

    This first-ever book of its kind, Designing for the Greater Good, features hundreds of illustrated examples of the best nonprofit and cause-related design worldwide, plus 24 inspiring case studies and insights into great nonprofit branding …

  • Visual Language for Designers

    Visual Language for Designers
    Connie Malamed

    New in paperback, this book presents ways to design for the strengths of our innate mental capacities and to compensate for our cognitive limitations.

  • Designing Modern Britain

    Designing Modern Britain
    Cheryl Buckley

    Employing numerous examples of classic British design, Designing Modern Britain delves into the history of British design culture, and thereby tracks the evolution of the British national identity.

  • Design

    Bernhard E. Bürdek

    For students of design, professional product designers, and anyone interested in design equally indispensable: the fully revised and updated edition of the reference work on product design.

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    Чему вас не научат в дизайн-школе
    Кливер Ф.

    Эта увлекательная и полезная книга погружает читателя в творческий мир графического дизайна. Основываясь на своем опыте …

  • Interior Design and Identity

    Interior Design and Identity
    Susie McKellar, Penny Sparke

    This fascinating collection provides a chronologically arranged set of case studies looking at how interior design has constantly redefined itself as a manifestation of culture, from the eighteenth century to the present day.

  • The History and Technique of Lettering

    The History and Technique of Lettering
    Alexander Nesbitt

    This comprehensive, well-illustrated volume ranges from the earliest pictographs and hieroglyphics to the work of 20th-century designers.

  • Emotional Design

    Emotional Design
    Don Norman

    New research on emotion and cognition has shown that attractive things really do work better, as Donald Norman amply demonstrates in this fascinating book, which has garnered acclaim everywhere from Scientific American to The New Yorker …

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