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  • Fashion Talks

    Fashion Talks
    Shira Tarrant, Marjorie Jolles

    Essays on the politics of everyday style.

  • Proud Garments

    Proud Garments
    Barbara Anderson

    Rich, comic, heart-breaking, Anderson's prose has the power to enthral.

  • Rich Apparel

    Rich Apparel
    Maria Hayward

    By combining considerations of primary sources with modern scholarly analysis, this book is invaluable for anyone with an interest in the history of fashion, clothing, and consumption in Tudor society.

  • Basics Fashion Management 01

    Basics Fashion Management 01
    Virginia Grose

    Basics Fashion Management 01: Concept to Customer examines the fashion business in detail and is a crucial handbook for fashion merchandising, buying and business undergraduates

  • Medieval Costume in England and France

    Medieval Costume in England and France
    Mary G. Houston

    Splendid pictorial documentation, carefully researched, of royal apparel, ecclesiastical dress and vestments, academic and legal garments, and civilian dress of all classes.

  • Fuck Yeah Menswear

    Fuck Yeah Menswear
    Kevin Burrows, Lawrence Schlossman

    Collection of anonymous blogs on men's fashion.

  • Authentic Victorian Fashion Patterns

    Authentic Victorian Fashion Patterns
    Kristina Harris

    Rich selection of dressmaker's patterns from popular, late-19th-century magazine The Voice of Fashion includes 50 garments for women, from day and evening dresses to tennis outfits and undergarments. 498 illustrations.

  • Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from La Mode IllustrĂ e

    Victorian and Edwardian Fashions from “La Mode IllustrĂ©e
    JoAnne Olian

    Over 1,000 illustrations document elegant ladies' fashions from 1860 to 1914: evening gowns, wedding ensembles, bathing costumes, cycling outfits, and much more. Accompanied by hundreds of stylish accessories.

  • The Fabric of Cultures

    The Fabric of Cultures
    Eugenia Paulicelli, Hazel Clark, Professor of the History and Theory of Design Hazel Clark

    The collected essays investigate local and global economies, cultures and identities and the book offers for the first time, a wide spectrum of case studies which focus on a diversity of geographical spaces and places, from global capitals …

  • Celtic Fashions

    Celtic Fashions
    Tom Tierney

    Scores of carefully rendered illustrations depict more than 4,000 years of Celtic apparel-from cloaks worn by European Celts ca. 2000 b.c. to the plaid tunics of British-Celtic farm women (100 b.c.) and the elaborately embroidered costume …

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