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  • Historic Textile Designs

    Historic Textile Designs
    M. Dupont-Auberville

    Faithfully reproduced from a valuable 19th-century portfolio, this singular volume includes over 200 designs celebrating the rich textile traditions of many historic cultures.

  • Forest Plant and Animal Illustrations

    Forest Plant and Animal Illustrations
    Mallory Pearce

    Valuable reference includes accurate illustrations of flora and fauna found throughout the United States.

  • Ready to Use Holiday Small Frames and Borders

    Ready to Use Holiday Small Frames and Borders
    Susan L. Ruff

    Halloween pumpkins, cornucopias, Torah scrolls, menorahs, reindeers and sleigh, toy soldiers, hearts, and cupids, Easter eggs, other holiday motifs cleverly frame advertising copy or brief messages, adding instant sparkle to catalogs, …

  • Decorative Letters

    Decorative Letters
    Carol Belanger Grafton

    Handy treasury of inexpensive, royalty-free decorative letters. Over 800 attractive motifs include Renaissance, Victorian and Art Deco styles.

  • Redoute Flowers and Fruits

    Redoute Flowers and Fruits
    Pierre-Joseph Redoute

    Exquisite collection by the most celebrated artist in the history of botanical art includes 184 meticulous reproductions of original watercolors: lilies, tulips, roses, cherries, crocus, and other plants.

  • 423 Art Nouveau Designs and Motifs CD ROM and Book

    423 Art Nouveau Designs and Motifs CD-ROM and Book
    Julius Klinger, Hans Anker

    Striking full-color images of plants, animals, birds, insects, florals, abstracts, women, and landscapes in a variety of formats: borders, repeating patterns, mortised cuts, corners, frames, and other configurations.

  • 1167 Decorative Cuts

    1167 Decorative Cuts
    Carol Belanger Grafton

    Authentic 19th- and 20th-century royalty-free graphics, crisply rendered in black-and-white: human and animal figures, music and dance, florals, geometrics, much more.

  • Cupids Angels and Fantastic Creatures

    Cupids, Angels and Fantastic Creatures
    Giovanni Iannoni

    DIVMore than 100 illustrations of Rococo art. Mythological figures, angels, and cherubs in traditional poses abound, as do real and fanciful beasts and other images from nature. /div

  • Old Fashioned Silhouettes

    Old-Fashioned Silhouettes
    Dover Publications Inc

    More than 400 bold, black-and-white silhouettes offer graphic artists a rich source of eye-catching, royalty-free motifs with a vintage touch: male and female profiles, elegantly clad couples, youngsters boating, fishing, and flying a kite, …

  • Mosaic Tile Designs

    Mosaic Tile Designs
    Susan Johnston

    Rich source of royalty-free design ideas.

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