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  • Pattern Design

    Pattern Design
    Lewis F. Day

    This classic guide, revised and expanded by Amor Fenn three decades after its publication, teaches artists to do just that.

  • The Art Nouveau Style Book of Alphonse Mucha

    The Art Nouveau Style Book of Alphonse Mucha
    Alphonse Mucha

    Rare design portfolio by high priest of Art Nouveau. Jewelry, wallpaper, stained glass, furniture; figure studies; plant and animal motifs, much more. All 72 stunning plates from Documents Décoratifs in original color.

  • Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau
    Edmund Vincent Gillon

    A catalogue of representative graphic art designs first published in a London art magazine which served as a major vehicle for the development of Art Nouveau styles

  • Monograms and Alphabetic Devices

    Monograms and Alphabetic Devices
    Hayward Cirker, Blanche Cirker

    More than 2,500 designs, originally published between 1830 and 1881, offer a splendid source of royalty-free ornaments. Includes two-, three-, and four-letter combos, plus crowns, crests, and coats of arms.

  • Ready To Use Office and Business Illustrations

    Ready-To-Use Office and Business Illustrations
    Tom Tierney

    Practical archive of 67 crisp business and office-related subjects: secretaries taking dictation, clerks filing, conferences, typewriters, desk-top computers, floppy disks, coffee mugs, many more.

  • Art and Architecture of Viceregal Latin America 1521 1821

    Art and Architecture of Viceregal Latin America, 1521-1821
    Kelly Donahue-Wallace

    Primary documents, including wills, diaries, and guild records are placed throughout the text to provide a deeper appreciation of the contexts in which the objects were made.

  • The Architectural Plates from the Encyclopedie

    The Architectural Plates from the “Encyclopedie”
    Denis Diderot

    From Diderot's 18th-century masterpiece: elegant renderings of architectural landmarks; drawings and plans for theaters, windmills, bridges, boats; renderings of palatial interiors and furnishings; scenes of 18th-century craftsmen at work …

  • Handbook of Ornament

    Handbook of Ornament
    Franz Sales Meyer

    This excellent collection of historic decorative ornament contains 3,000 examples ranging from the cultures of the Greeks and Romans through the Victorians: chairs, thrones, crowns, heraldic emblems, altars, armor, architecture, and more.

  • A Dictionary of Costume and Fashion

    A Dictionary of Costume and Fashion
    Mary Brooks Picken

    Compendium defines over 10,000 words associated with wearing apparel and fashion.

  • William Morris Designs

    William Morris Designs
    William Morris

    Contains 291 royalty-free images of decorative letters, elaborate floral borders and frames, samples of body type, and delicate woodcut illustrations saved in high-resolution TIFF and Internet-ready JPEG formats.

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