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  • Reading and Writing Silhouettes

    Reading and Writing Silhouettes
    Eleanor Jay Adam

    Add appeal to graphics with these silhouettes: youngsters posing as bookends, girl reading at beach, couple examining menus, many more.

  • Japanese Designs

    Japanese Designs
    Dover Publications Inc

    This treasury of more than 450 lovely designs preserves the original spirit and subtlety of Japanese art while sharpening and enhancing the reproducibility of the designs themselves.

  • Merry Christmas CD ROM and Book

    Merry Christmas CD-ROM and Book

    These images, including jolly elves, angels, wreaths, reindeers, Santas, and more, will help you create countless seasonal projects. 282 original motifs: 227 in full color and 55 in black-and-white.

  • Old Fashioned Illustrations of Books Reading and Writing

    Old-Fashioned Illustrations of Books, Reading and Writing
    Carol Belanger Grafton

    347 detailed — often humorous — cuts from rare turn-of-the-century sources depict men, women, children reading at desks, the beach, in libraries, under trees; writing with varied implements.

  • Ready to Use Children s Silhouettes for Holidays and Special Occasions

    Ready-to-Use Children’s Silhouettes for Holidays and Special Occasions
    Margaret Nielsen Fleming

    96 eye-catching designs, each reproduced in 2 different sizes, depict youngsters in seasonal activities: swimming, playing tennis, canoeing, visiting an amusement park, many more.

  • Full Color Allover Patterns

    Full-Color Allover Patterns
    Dover Publications Inc, Clip Art

    Vibrant treasury of 141 dazzling royalty-free designs, adapted from rare 15- through 20th-century sources, encompass a rich variety of colorful subjects and styles: geometrics, florals and foliates, animal and nature motifs, and more.

  • 120 Audubon Bird Prints

    120 Audubon Bird Prints
    John James Audubon

    Adventurer and artistic genius, Audubon is renowned for his paintings of nearly every North American bird species. This splendid collection spotlights his best known and most beautiful portraits, reproduced in full color.

  • Geometric Ornaments and Designs Book

    Geometric Ornaments and Designs Book
    Dover Publications Inc

    These 281 dazzling black-and-white designs based on polygons, squares, triangles, circles, and other shapes represent a rich variety of styles and influences — from Op Art to folk art.

  • Japanese Ghosts and Demons CD ROM and Book

    Japanese Ghosts and Demons CD-ROM and Book
    Alan Weller

    Many of Japan's most famous artists — including Hiroshige, Hokusai, and Yoshitoshi — were fascinated by the spirit world. This colorful collection offers a supernatural selection of the best of their haunted imagery.

  • Bookplate Designs

    Bookplate Designs
    Carol Belanger Grafton

    This unique homage to bookplate art illuminates over 320 of the craft's finest examples. A breathtaking variety of black-and-white designs embrace a multitude of styles: woodcuts, engravings, lithographs, typography, and more.

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