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  • The Oxford Companion to Cheese

    The Oxford Companion to Cheese

    The Oxford Companion to Cheese is the first major reference work dedicated to cheese, containing 855 A-Z entries on cheese history, culture, science, and production.

  • Coffee Obsession

    Coffee Obsession

    With more coffee recipes than other titles, and investigating the subject in far greater depth, this book is for coffee obsessives in search of the most perfect cup of coffee in the world.

  • Entice With Spice

    Entice With Spice
    Shubhra Ramineni

    Throughout this practical book Shubhra shares tricks and shortcuts she has learned from her mother, who is from Northern India; her mother-in-law, who is from Southern India; family members in India, and professional chefs in the U.S. With …

  • Feast of Santa Fe

    Feast of Santa Fe
    Huntley Dent

    Dent explores the traditions of Native American cooking and shows how they were modified by Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo-American influences and by the bounty of the land.

  • Taste

    Barb Stuckey

    Now, in Taste What You’re Missing, the first book that demystifies the science of taste, you’ll learn how your individual biology, genetics, and brain create a personal experience of everything you taste—and how you can make the most …

  • The Big Book of Slow Cooker Recipes

    The Big Book of Slow Cooker Recipes
    Rachel Rappaport

    Slow cooker recipes your whole family will love! The Big Book of Slow Cooker Recipes is the perfect guide for creating delicious–and easy–dishes for your entire family.

  • The Fresh Egg Cookbook

    The Fresh Egg Cookbook
    Jennifer Trainer Thompson

    Jennifer Trainer Thompson, a seasoned chicken-keeper, shares the recipes that she and her family rely on when fresh eggs are piling up.

  • Double Delicious

    Double Delicious!
    Jessica Seinfeld

    Now in Double Delicious!, she's turned her attention to the whole family. Here are more of her easy, imaginative recipes that use the power of purees to make everything healthier, from a hearty Turkey Meatloaf to an irresistible Tiramisu.

  • Great Beers

    Great Beers
    Tim Hampson

    This is a book for the drinker who doesn't want to limit him- or herself to just one type of beer.

  • The Wine Club

    The Wine Club
    Maureen Christian Petrosky

    "You'll enjoy learning more about wine and food with your friends when you start your own wine club.

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