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  • The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home

    The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home
    Ken Albala, Rosanna Nafziger Henderson

    The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home is not about extreme, off-the-grid living.

  • La cucina picena

    La cucina picena
    Beatrice Muzi, Allan Evans

    Beatrice Muzi e Allan Evans vivono tra New York e il Piceno: causa non ultima della insolita freschezza di sguardo con cui tutte le cose sono osservate, le storie lette, gli aneddoti scelti; e della freschezza di palato con cui le ricette …

  • Inventing Baby Food

    Inventing Baby Food
    Amy Bentley

    In this groundbreaking historical work, Amy Bentley explores how the invention of commercial baby food shaped American notions of infancy and influenced the evolution of parental and pediatric care.

  • The Cook s Oracle and Housekeeper s Manual

    The Cook’s Oracle, and Housekeeper’s Manual
    William Kitchiner

    This volume in the American Antiquarian Cookbook Collection, published in New York in 1830, is a new version of a famous recipe collection previously published in London by William Kitchiner, adapted specifically for use by the American …

  • Great American Vegetarian Traditional and Regional Recipes for the Enlightened Cook

    Great American Vegetarian: Traditional and Regional Recipes for the Enlightened Cook
    Nava Atlas

    This charming vegetarian cookbook is chock-full of delicious recipes and sprinkled with bits of historical lore and literary references.

  • The Turkey

    The Turkey
    Andrew F. Smith

    In a multifaceted, panoramic study of the American wild turkey, a food historian sheds new light on the all-American bird and its significance as a holiday feast mainstay, tracing the history of the turkey, its natural history and life …

  • I cibi fermentati nel mondo Storia e ricette

    I cibi fermentati nel mondo – Storia e ricette
    Gian Paolo Spaliviero

    La fermentazione è una delle tecniche di conservazione più antiche del mondo.

  • Staff Meals from Chanterelle

    Staff Meals from Chanterelle
    Melicia Phillips, David Waltuck

    Outstanding yet easy-to-make, these are dishes for home cooking and entertaining alike, including Fish Fillets with Garlic and Ginger, Thai Duck Curry, Sauteed Pork Chops with Sauce Charcutiere, and the most requested dish of all, David's …

  • Chop Suey USA

    Chop Suey, USA
    Yong Chen

    Chop Suey, USA offers the first comprehensive interpretation of the rise of Chinese food, revealing the forces that made it ubiquitous in the American gastronomic landscape and turned the country into an empire of consumption.

  • Dining with the Washingtons

    Dining with the Washingtons
    Mary V. Thompson, Carol Borchert Cadou, Stephen Archie McLeod

    Presents a description of how George Washington and his wife entertained at their Mount Vernon home, discussing their tableware, the guests who attended their events, the staff who prepared the meals, the ingredients used, and recipes for …

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