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  • Food That Says Welcome

    Food That Says Welcome
    Barbara Smith

    In Food That Says Welcome you’ ll learn to: • Make welcoming food that is healthy and easy to prepare. • Create an atmosphere that says to your guests, “You are special.” • Make hospitality your ministry and service.

  • Jamie Oliver s Christmas Cookbook

    Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook
    Jamie Oliver

    This book is the greatest hits, all wrapped up in one Christmas parcel, and I hope you have fun looking through, picking your recipes, and building your own plan." Jamie Oliver ————————————- 'Our favourite.

  • 4 Ingredients Christmas

    4 Ingredients Christmas
    Kim McCosker

    Featuring 176 pages of colour images and 80 recipes, 4 Ingredients Christmas will be the 'must have' cookbook for every entertainer.

  • Stranger God

    Stranger God
    Richard Beck

    When Richard Beck first led a Bible study at a maximum security prison, he went to meet God. His own faith was flagging, but Beck still believed the promise of Matthew 25, that when we visit the prisoner, we visit Jesus.

  • Cupcakes Cookies and Pie Oh My

    Cupcakes, Cookies, and Pie, Oh, My!
    Karen Tack, Alan Richardson

    An array of unique cupcake designs explains how to use snack items and common candies to create a variety of confectionery masterpieces to suit any occasion, including birthday towers, a cookie makeup party, and an octopus garden.

  • Supermarket Healthy

    Supermarket Healthy
    Melissa d’Arabian, Raquel Pelzel

    She offers helpful strategies for shopping, cooking, and entertaining, as well as meal blueprints and nutritional information throughout. This book will make you confident about the food you're buying, preparing, and eating.

  • The Home Brewer s Recipe Database

    The Home Brewer’s Recipe Database
    Les Howarth

    This book is a very useful resource for home brewers.

  • I m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

    I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas
    Anna Getty

    Provides advice on how to best choose a tree (real or fake?), mitigate the negative effects of necessary travel, organize and recycle post-holiday, and more.

  • Candy Construction

    Candy Construction
    Sharon Bowers

    Sharon Bowers provides step-by-step instructions for dozens of whimsical and fun projects that will have you seeing candy in a whole new way.

  • The Seduction Cookbook

    The Seduction Cookbook
    Diane Brown

    Great lovers are inspired by passion, as are great chefs. With nearly 90 recipes, "The Seduction Cookbook" delivers alluring menus and foods styled to fit your seduction method, whatever it might be.

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