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  • Noah Webster of Smileys

    Noah Webster of Smileys
    David Sanderson, Dale Dougherty

    A showcase of the use of smileys–the computer underground hieroglyphs that originally showed up in e-mail messages–provides readers with a peek at electronic e-mail culture. Original.

  • Hypertext Handbook

    Hypertext Handbook
    Andreas Kitzmann

    Hypertext Handbook provides a condensed and straightforward introduction to the main issues, concepts, and developments in both the application of hypertext technology and its interpretation by the academic community.

  • Instant Citrix XenApp

    Instant Citrix XenApp
    Andrew Mallett

    This book is a great tool to quickly learn and explore the features offered by XenApp 6.5.Windows system administrators who want a quick lesson on how to install and configure XenApp.

  • Performance Testing With JMeter 2 9

    Performance Testing With JMeter 2.9
    Bayo Erinle

    Performance Testing With JMeter 2.9 is a standard tutorial that will help you polish your fundamentals, guide you through various advanced topics, and along the process help you learn new tools and skills.This book is for developers, …

  • A Subject Guide to Quality Web Sites

    A Subject Guide to Quality Web Sites
    Paul R. Burden

    The sites included in this collection are stable and have librarian tested high-quality information: the most important attribute information can have.

  • The OBASHI Methodology

    The OBASHI Methodology
    Paul Wallis, Fergus Cloughley

    "Seeing the big picture" is vital to making the right strategic decisions.

  • Understanding Linux Network Internals

    Understanding Linux Network Internals
    Christian Benvenuti

    Benvenuti describes the relationship between the Internet's TCP/IP implementation and the Linux Kernel so that programmers and advanced administrators can modify and fine-tune their network environment.

  • Dictionary of Personal Computing and the Internet

    Dictionary of Personal Computing and the Internet
    S. M. H. Collin

    This dictionary covers all aspects of personal computing and the internet.

  • Free Choice Petri Nets

    Free Choice Petri Nets
    Jorg Desel, Javier Esparza

    This book focuses on a particular class of petri nets, free choice petri nets, which play a central role in the theory. The text is very clearly organised, with every notion carefully explained and every result proved.

  • Take Control of Automating Your Mac

    Take Control of Automating Your Mac
    Joe Kissell

    With this book, you'll learn how to: Get started with the built-in macOS automation tools, including Automator, AppleScript, and the command line Take full advantage of input devices to save clicks Automate text expansion for faster, more …

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