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  • Programming Google App Engine

    Programming Google App Engine
    Dan Sanderson

    App Engine offers nearly unlimited computing power, and this book provides clear and concise instructions for getting the most from it right from the source.

  • C Cookbook

    C++ Cookbook
    D. Ryan Stephens, Jeff Cogswell

    Designed for the way many developers work, this practical problem-solving guide balances the need for rapid development with a trusted source of information.

  • Constraint Logic Programming using Eclipse

    Constraint Logic Programming using Eclipse
    Krzysztof R. Apt, Mark Wallace

    Eclipse is exploited commercially by Cisco, and is freely available and used for teaching and research in over 500 universities. This book has a two-fold purpose.

  • The Definitive Guide to Jython

    The Definitive Guide to Jython
    Josh Juneau, Jim Baker, Frank Wierzbicki, Leo Soto Muñoz, Victor Ng

    This book begins with a brief introduction to the language and then journeys through Jython’s different features and uses. The Definitive Guide to Jython is organized for beginners as well as advanced users of the language.

  • Ionic 2 Blueprints

    Ionic 2 Blueprints
    Indermohan Singh

    Build real-time, scalable, and interactive mobile apps with the Ionic framework About This Book Create amazing, cross-platform hybrid native apps using a projects-based approach Discover ways to make the best use of the latest features in …

  • Types for Proofs and Programs

    Types for Proofs and Programs
    Stefano Berardi, Mario Coppo, Ferruccio Damiani

    Proceedings for annual meetings under that action were published by Cambridge University Press in the books “Logical Frameworks”, and “Logical Environments”, edited by G. Huet and G. Plotkin.

  • Beginning Scala

    Beginning Scala
    David Pollak

    This book introduces you to the Scala programming language and then guides you through Scala constructs and libraries that allow small and large teams to assemble small components into high-performance, scalable systems.

  • Harnessing Java 7 A Comprehensive Approach to Learning Java

    Harnessing Java 7: A Comprehensive Approach to Learning Java
    Kishori Sharan

    This is the first of three volumes of the Harnessing JavaTM 7 book.

  • Building Scalable Web Sites

    Building Scalable Web Sites
    Cal Henderson

    A guide to developing Web sites using scalable applications.

  • Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving Using Scala Second Edition

    Introduction to Programming and Problem-Solving Using Scala, Second Edition
    Mark C. Lewis, Lisa Lacher

    The book is filled with end-of-chapter projects and exercises, and the authors have also posted a number of different supplements on the book website. Video lectures for each chapter in the book are also available on YouTube.

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