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  • Peer to peer Programming on Groove

    Peer-to-peer Programming on Groove
    James Edwards

    Provides the necessary background to enable an advanced beginner or intermediate programmer to produce and deploy peer-to-peer applications using Groove.

  • A Complete Guide to C

    A Complete Guide to C#
    David Bishop

    A Complete Guide to C# addresses all the basic features and syntax of the C# language, and moves forward from this foundation on to issues of data structures, algorithm analysis, database management, concurrency, and distributed processing.

  • XML by Example

    XML by Example
    Benoît Marchal

    A guide for those familiar with HTML offers an overview of XML technology, covering syntax, document type definitions, XML stylesheet language, cascading style sheets, XML parsing, and Java servlets.

  • PHP for Absolute Beginners

    PHP for Absolute Beginners
    Jason Lengstorf

    PHP for Absolute Beginners starts slowly and covers everything you need to know about beginning web development using PHP. Even the most inexperienced web developer will find this book accessible.

  • Automata Implementation

    Automata Implementation
    Jean-Marc Champarnaud, Denis Maurel, Djelloul Ziadi

    This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-workshop proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Implementing Automata, WIA'98, held in Rouen, France, in September 1998.

  • Verification of Object Oriented Software The KeY Approach

    Verification of Object-Oriented Software. The KeY Approach
    Bernhard Beckert, Reiner Hähnle, Peter H. Schmitt

    Our society relies on the correctness of a vast and growing amount of software. Improving the software engineering process is an important, long-term goal with many steps. Two of those steps are the KeY tool and this KeY book.

  • A Java Programming Introductory and Intermediate Course

    A Java Programming Introductory and Intermediate Course
    Stephen Blaha

    Based on the best available corporate training courses, this volume is aimed at those with some computer training and want to expand on their Java knowledge. (Computer Books)

  • C Cookbook

    C++ Cookbook
    D. Ryan Stephens, Jeff Cogswell

    Designed for the way many developers work, this practical problem-solving guide balances the need for rapid development with a trusted source of information.

  • Visual Basic 2005 with NET 3 0 Programmer s Reference

    Visual Basic 2005 with .NET 3.0 Programmer’s Reference
    Rod Stephens

    What you will learn from this book The best methods for mastering the new features of VB.NET Steps for implementing custom controls and drag and drop Ways to use trickier class issues such as private class scope, declaring events, and …

  • Programming Visual Basic 2005

    Programming Visual Basic 2005
    Jesse Liberty

    Written for VB6 and novice programmers, the book shows how Visual Basic 2005 can be used to rapidly build modern Windows and web applications. What makes this book different is what's not included.

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