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  • Algorithms on Strings

    Algorithms on Strings
    Maxime Crochemore, Christophe Hancart, Thierry Lecroq

    The book is intended for lectures on string processes and pattern matching in Master's courses of computer science and software engineering curricula.

  • Agile Software Development

    Agile Software Development
    Alistair Cockburn

    Alastair Cockburn offers advice on bringing difficult software development projects to a successful conclusion with a minimum of stress.

  • RESTful Java with JAX RS

    RESTful Java with JAX-RS
    Bill Burke

    Provides information on developing distributed Web services in Java using the RESTful architectural principles and JAX-RS in Java EE 6.

  • Applied SOA

    Applied SOA
    Michael Rosen, Boris Lublinsky, Kevin T. Smith, Marc J. Balcer

    Endorsed by all major vendors (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP), SOA has quickly become the industry standard for building next-generation software; this practical guide shows readers how to achieve the many benefits of SOA Begins with a …

  • Advances in Information Processing and Protection

    Advances in Information Processing and Protection
    Jerzy Pejas, Khalid Saeed

    This book contains a selection of the best papers given at an international conference on advanced computer systems. The Advanced Computer Systems Conference was held in October 2006, in Miedzyzdroje, Poland.

  • Artificial Evolution

    Artificial Evolution
    Jin-Kao Hao

    The volume presents a survey of the state-of-the-art in artificial evolution, covering theoretical issues, methodologies, and applications in various areas, including genetic-algorithm operators and evolvable hardware and robotics.

  • Beginning iPad Development for iPhone Developers

    Beginning iPad Development for iPhone Developers
    Jack Nutting, David Mark, Dave Wooldridge

    Provides information on building appliations for the iPad, covering such topics as using core text, popovers, split views, input methods, working with documents, and NavApp.

  • Assembling Panoramic Photos

    Assembling Panoramic Photos
    Bertrand Bodin, Albert Lemoine

    Eight expert French photographers reveal their secrets using Photoshop and other applications to create extraordinary panoramic photos.

  • Do All Computing in Distributed Systems

    Do-All Computing in Distributed Systems
    Chryssis Georgiou

    The book is structured to meet the needs of a professional audience composed of researchers and practitioners in industry. This volume is also suitable for graduate-level students in computer science.

  • Programming Visual Basic 2005

    Programming Visual Basic 2005
    Jesse Liberty

    Written for VB6 and novice programmers, the book shows how Visual Basic 2005 can be used to rapidly build modern Windows and web applications. What makes this book different is what's not included.

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