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  • Classical Fortran

    Classical Fortran
    Michael Kupferschmid

    After reading this book, students will know what statements to use and where as well as why to avoid the others, helping them become expert FORTRAN programmers.

  • Synthetic Worlds

    Synthetic Worlds
    Edward Castronova

    In Synthetic Worlds, Edward Castronova offers the first comprehensive look at the online game industry, exploring its implications for business and culture alike.

  • Writing for Computer Science

    Writing for Computer Science
    Justin Zobel

    Based on the author's decades of experience as a researcher and advisor, this third edition provides detailed guidance on writing and presentations and a comprehensive introduction to research methods, the how-to of being a successful …

  • Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

    Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3
    Ben Frain

    This book will lead you, step by step and with illustrative screenshots, through a real example.

  • Fundamentals of Natural Computing

    Fundamentals of Natural Computing
    Leandro Nunes de Castro

    This book presents theoretical and philosophical discussions, pseudocodes for algorithms, and computing paradigms that illustrate how computational techniques can be used to solve complex problems, simulate nature, explain natural phenomena …

  • Accelerating MATLAB Performance

    Accelerating MATLAB Performance
    Yair M. Altman

    It takes a comprehensive approach to MATLAB performance, illustrating numerous ways to attain the desired speedup. The book covers MATLAB, CPU, and memory profiling and discusses various tradeoffs in performance tuning.

  • UML 2 a unifikovanĂ proces vĂ voje aplikacĂ

    UML 2 a unifikovaný proces vývoje aplikací
    Ila Neustadt, Jim Arlow

    O autorech: Jim Arlow se věnuje návrhu a vývoji objektově orientovaných systémů už od roku 1990. Na základě jeho objektových návrhů přitom běží systémy mnoha velkých a významných firem, včetně British Airways.

  • Skype For Dummies

    Skype For Dummies
    Loren Abdulezer, Susan Abdulezer, Howard Dammond

    See how to use Skype for secure chats and connect SkypeOut and SkypeIN.

  • Emerging Technologies of Augmented Reality Interfaces and Design

    Emerging Technologies of Augmented Reality: Interfaces and Design
    Haller, Michael

    "This book provides a good grounding of the main concepts and terminology for Augmented Reality (AR), with an emphasis on practical AR techniques (from tracking-algorithms to design principles for AR interfaces).

  • Carbon carbon Materials and Composites

    Carbon-carbon Materials and Composites
    John D. Buckley, Danny Dale Edie

    The purpose of this book is to present data and technology relating to the materials and structures developed for the production of carbon-carbon materials and composites.

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