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  • Advances in Knowledge Acquisition and Management

    Advances in Knowledge Acquisition and Management
    Achim Hoffmann

    This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 2006 Pacific Rim Knowledge Acquisition Workshop, PKAW 2006, held in Guilin, China in August 2006 as part of 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial …

  • KADS

    Guus Schreiber, Bob Wielinga

    KADS is a structured methodology for the development of knowledge based systems which has been adopted throughout the world by academic and industrial professionals alike. KADS approaches development as a modeling activity.

  • Interactions with Search Systems

    Interactions with Search Systems
    Ryen W. White

    This book describes advances in technology, data availability, and searcher expectations around next-generation search engines.

  • YARN Essentials

    YARN Essentials
    Amol Fasale, Nirmal Kumar

    If you have a working knowledge of Hadoop 1.x but want to start afresh with YARN, this book is ideal for you.

  • Pervasive Healthcare Computing

    Pervasive Healthcare Computing
    Upkar Varshney

    This book is written primarily for university faculty and graduate students in the field of healthcare technologies, and industry professionals involved in healthcare IT research, design, and development.

  • Computer Safety Reliability and Security

    Computer Safety, Reliability and Security
    Wolfgang Ehrenberger

    Computers and their interactions are becoming the characteristic features of our time: Many people believe that the industrial age is going over into the information age.

  • Security Trends for FPGAS

    Security Trends for FPGAS
    Benoit Badrignans, Jean-Luc Danger, Viktor Fischer, Guy Gogniat, Lionel Torres

    This book details several solutions for secure application execution and application update. It presents an analysis of current threats against embedded systems and especially FPGAs.

  • Eye Tracking Methodology

    Eye Tracking Methodology
    Andrew T. Duchowski

    This book focuses on video-based, corneal-reflection eye trackers – the most widely available and affordable type of system, and takes a look at a number of interesting and challenging applications in human factors, collaborative systems, …

  • Biometric Systems

    Biometric Systems
    James L. Wayman, Anil K. Jain, Davide Maltoni, Dario Maio

    Biometric Systems provides practitioners with an overview of the principles and methods needed to build reliable biometric systems.

  • Quantum Communication and Quantum Networking

    Quantum Communication and Quantum Networking
    Alexander Sergienko

    This book constitutes the proceedings of the First International Conference on Quantum Communication and Quantum Networking, QuantumCom 2009, held in Naples, Italy, in October 2009.

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