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  • The Future of the Electronic Marketplace

    The Future of the Electronic Marketplace
    Derek Leebaert

    An illustrated, timely, authoritative collection of essays shows how the world's major companies are responding to the birth, with the Internet, of the electronic marketplace and the changes it has wrought on the relationship of vendors and …

  • Managing e business Projects

    Managing e-business Projects
    Thomas Stoehr

    This book provides a solid framework for managing e-business projects.

  • Beginning Google Blogger

    Beginning Google Blogger
    Heather Wright-Porto

    The book offers step-by-step instructions and visual aids which walk you through both the basics of Blogger and the advanced features it offers—from creating a new blog and choosing fonts and colors, and installing custom blog graphics; …

  • eBusiness eCommerce

    eBusiness & eCommerce
    Andreas Meier, Henrik Stormer

    Mehrere Kapitel wurden teilweise stark überarbeitet. Auf der Website stehen Folien für Ausbildungszwecke zur Verfügung.

  • Electronic Commerce in Small to Medium sized Enterprises

    Electronic Commerce in Small to Medium-sized Enterprises
    Nabeel A. Y. Al-Qirim

    This work addresses eCommerce issues in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a global setting. It covers issues that are of importance to researchers, students, and professionals interested in the eCommerce field in SMEs.

  • EBay Inventory the Smart Way

    EBay Inventory the Smart Way
    Joseph T. Sinclair, Jeremy Hanks

    These are ongoing business challenges that apply as much to eBay sellers as to traditional retailers. eBay Inventory the Smart Way is the first book to look exclusively at the most profitable strategies for finding reliable suppliers and …

  • Intelligence and Security Informatics

    Intelligence and Security Informatics
    Hsinchun Chen, Christopher C. Yang

    This book, INTELLIGENCE and SECURITY INFORMATICS: TECHNIQUES & APPLICATIONS, presents a collection of works discussing terrorism informatics, information sharing, data mining, intelligence and crime analysis, infrastructure protection, …

  • Collaborative Networked Organizations

    Collaborative Networked Organizations
    Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Hamideh Afsarmanesh

    This book includes a comprehensive set of recommendations from the multi-disciplines involved in CNOs, towards the establishment of a research agenda for emerging collaborative networks.

  • Internet Policy and Economics

    Internet Policy and Economics
    William H. Lehr, Lorenzo Maria Pupillo

    Applying insights from economics, political science, law, business, and communications, the book will serve as essential resource for researchers and students, policymakers and regulators, and industry analysts and practitioners.

  • 1000 Best EBay Success Secrets

    1000 Best EBay Success Secrets
    Greg Holden

    Secrets from a power-seller eBay PowerSeller Greg Holden shows readers how to: –Identify hot items for sale –Create descriptions that attract buyers –Strategically research to maximize profitability –Deal with buyer questions –Make the …

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