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  • Empowering Open and Collaborative Governance

    Empowering Open and Collaborative Governance
    Yannis Charalabidis, Sotirios Koussouris

    The book is divided into three sections: Section one, “Public Policy Debate Foundations,” lays the foundations regarding processes and methods for scoping, planning, evaluating and transforming citizen engagement.

  • Entertainment Computing ICEC 2004

    Entertainment Computing – ICEC 2004
    Matthias Rauterberg

    ICT-related industries are directing their business targets to home applications. Among these applications, entertainment will differentiate ICT applications in the private and personal market from the of?ce.

  • ICT and Innovation in the Public Sector

    ICT and Innovation in the Public Sector
    F. Contini, G. Lanzara

    This book originates from a multiple year research project on ICT and justice in a number of EU countries.

  • RFID Essentials

    RFID Essentials
    Bill Glover, Himanshu Bhatt

    The authors not only provide guidelines for using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to track retail items and other inventory assets, but they also cover RFID-related technologies, including data mining software and services.

  • Advances in Information Processing and Protection

    Advances in Information Processing and Protection
    Jerzy Pejas, Khalid Saeed

    This book contains a selection of the best papers given at an international conference on advanced computer systems. The Advanced Computer Systems Conference was held in October 2006, in Miedzyzdroje, Poland.

  • Springer Handbook of Automation

    Springer Handbook of Automation
    Shimon Y. Nof

    This handbook incorporates new developments in automation.

  • Euro Par 96 Parallel Processing

    Euro-Par ’96 – Parallel Processing
    Luc Bouge

    This two-volume set presents the proceedings of the Second International European Conference on Parallel Processing, EuroPar '96, held in Lyon, France, in August 1996.EuroPar '96 was organized in 14 workshops covering the whole spectrum of …

  • Supporting Real Time Decision Making

    Supporting Real Time Decision-Making
    Frada Burstein, Patrick Brézillon, Arkady Zaslavsky

    This volume of Annals of Information Systems will acknowledge the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the International Society for Decision Support Systems (ISDSS) by documenting some of the current best practices in teaching and …

  • Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures

    Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures
    Ronald Maier, Thomas Hädrich, René Peinl

    This book focuses on the concepts, models and technologies that are used to design and implement such an environment.

  • Modelling in Molecular Biology

    Modelling in Molecular Biology
    Gabriel Ciobanu, Grzegorz Rozenberg

    Describes how to find regularities among empirical data, as well as conceptual models and theories. This volume consists of papers concerned with models and methods used in solving some fundamental problems of biosciences.

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