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  • Accelerating MATLAB Performance

    Accelerating MATLAB Performance
    Yair M. Altman

    It takes a comprehensive approach to MATLAB performance, illustrating numerous ways to attain the desired speedup. The book covers MATLAB, CPU, and memory profiling and discusses various tradeoffs in performance tuning.

  • Database Modeling Design

    Database Modeling & Design
    Toby J. Teorey

    This new edition of Database Modeling & Design continues to focus on the techniques for relational database design introduced in previous editions, starting with the entity-relationship (ER) approach for data requirements specification and …

  • Mastering Puppet

    Mastering Puppet
    Thomas Uphill

    Master Puppet for configuration management of your systems in an enterprise deployment About This Book This book is an advanced guide to using and deploying Puppet 4 in your organization with a special focus on issues faced in larger …

  • Graph Theory and Interconnection Networks

    Graph Theory and Interconnection Networks
    Lih-Hsing Hsu, Cheng-Kuan Lin

    Different types of problems illustrate the wide range of available methods for solving such problems. The text also explores recent progress on the diagnosability of graphs under various models.

  • Microfluidic Fuel Cells and Batteries

    Microfluidic Fuel Cells and Batteries
    Erik Kjeang

    Written at a critical juncture, where strategically applied research is urgently required to seize impending technology opportunities for commercial, analytical, and educational utility, the intention is for this book to be a ‘one-stop …

  • Guia tà cnico de montagem e manutenà à o de computadores

    Guia técnico de montagem e manutenção de computadores
    Equipe Digerati Books

    Manual completo de detecção de falhas e montagem de hardware para técnicos, estudantes e profissionais da área de TI A manutenção e montagem de PCs é uma atividade que sobrevive bravamente há mais de 20 anos.

  • Smart Technology for Aging Disability and Independence

    Smart Technology for Aging, Disability, and Independence
    William C. Mann

    Students and professionals in the rehabilitation sciences, health care providers, researchers in computer science and engineering, and non-expert readers will all appreciate this text's thorough coverage and clear presentation of the state …

  • Treinamento Profissional em Java

    Treinamento Profissional em Java
    Guilherme Somera

    Aprenda a programar nesta poderosa linguagem!

  • Computer Hardware Maintenance

    Computer Hardware Maintenance
    Stephen C. Rood

    This book discusses scenarios where keeping the maintenance function internal is most viable and where having it external, from a depot service, pickup and delivery, or on-site service, is most viable.

  • The Circuits and Filters Handbook Second Edition

    The Circuits and Filters Handbook, Second Edition
    Wai-Kai Chen

    This edition contains 29 new chapters, with significant additions in the areas of computer-aided design, circuit simulation, VLSI circuits, design automation, and active and digital filters.

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