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  • Computers for Seniors for Dummies

    Computers for Seniors for Dummies
    Nancy Muir

    In this book, you find the ideal road map for finding your way around a personal computer, your PC (learnt something new already!) for the first time.

  • Knoppix Pocket Reference

    Knoppix Pocket Reference
    Kyle Rankin

    This handy book shows you how to use Knoppix to troubleshoot and repair your computer, how to customize the Knoppix CD, running RAM memory checks, recovering data from a damaged hard drive, cloning hard drives, using Knoppix as a Terminal …

  • Pinnacle Studio 18

    Pinnacle Studio 18
    Pecinovský Josef

    Nová kniha známého českého odborníka podrobně popisuje práci s nejnovější verzí oblíbeného programu Pinnacle Studio (verze 18), který je určen pro zpracování videa a hodí se pro domácnosti, amatérské kroužky, školy a …

  • MP3 and the Infinite Digital Jukebox

    MP3 and the Infinite Digital Jukebox
    Chris Gilbey

    A guide to developing a digital music collection includes discussion on legal issues and instructions for downloading and playing music files, burning CDs, and marketing music online.

  • On a Silver Platter

    On a Silver Platter
    Greg M. Smith

    At the same time, the realities of actual CD-ROMs often fall short of their utopian visions. On a Silver Platter marks a "coming of age" for CD-ROMs as a commercially and aesthetically significant medium demanding critical attention.

  •                  е  Nero 8    е к

    Наглядный самоучитель Nero 8 (+ видеокурс [от автора])
    Жадаев Александр Геннадьевич

    Описаны наиболее эффективные инструменты для работы с дисками CD и DVD, образующие необходимый и достаточный набор для решения …

  • Digital Television

    Digital Television
    Hervé Benoit

    This essential guide for digital television engineers now includes IPTV, Mobile TV, and HDTV.

  • DVD Studio Pro 3

    DVD Studio Pro 3
    Marc Loy

    Explores features and functions of DVD Studio Pro 3, including menu creation, storyboarding, generating multi-angle tracks, providing multi-language support, mixing Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, and using scripting language.

  • Manual b sico de tecnolog a audiovisual y t cnicas de creaci n emisi n y difusi n de contenidos

    Manual básico de tecnología audiovisual y técnicas de creación, emisión y difusión de contenidos
    José Martínez Abadía, Vila Fumàs, Pere

    Esta obra se propone acercar al lector profano los fundamentos de la tecnología audiovisual, así como las tecnologías asociadas a la creación, emisión y difusión de contenidos por Internet, en banda estrecha y en banda ancha.

  • CD ROM Implementation and Networking in Health Sciences Libraries

    CD-ROM Implementation and Networking in Health Sciences Libraries
    M. Sandra Wood

    Treats implementation and use, describes programs and networks. Paper edition (unseen), $19.95. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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