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  • The Future of State Taxation

    The Future of State Taxation
    David Brunori

    This collection of essays from leading tax scholars addresses a wide variety of issues concerning the major sources of state tax revenue and provides insight into what has worked in the past and what will or will not work in the future.

  • J K Lasser s Your Income Tax Professional Edition 2017

    J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax Professional Edition 2017
    J.K. Lasser Institute

    Completely annotated, this authoritative text guides you toward the case law, IRS code sections, and regulations that support the content, which is presented in an approachable yet comprehensive manner.

  • Fiscalità internazionale in pratica

    Fiscalità internazionale in pratica
    Ennio Vial

  • Exiting Your Business Protecting Your Wealth

    Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth
    John M. Leonetti

    Praise for EXITING YOUR BUSINESS, PROTECTING YOUR WEALTH "Every business owner and entrepreneur needs to read this book and then follow its directives to the letter.

  • Basic Income Guarantee

    Basic Income Guarantee
    A. Sheahen

    Why not guarantee everyone a job? Would anyone work if his or her income were guaranteed? Has a BIG ever been tested? This book answers these questions and many more in simple, easy-to-understand language.

  • Steuerrecht

    Tim Jesgarzewski, Jens M. Schmittmann

    Senats des Anwaltsgerichtshofs des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen. Darüber hinaus ist er Vizepräsident des RIFAM Rhein-Ruhr-Instituts für angewandte Mittelstandsforschung e.V., Düsseldorf.

  • The Income Tax

    The Income Tax
    Edwin Robert Anderson Seligman

    "In fact, Professor Seligman's advocacy of the income tax in the various papers which were incorporated in [this book] was an important factor in educating the American public to the point where the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment and of …

  • Las Reformas Fiscales del Siglo XXI

    Las Reformas Fiscales del Siglo XXI
    Gago Rodríguez, Alberto, Álvarez Villamarín, José C., González Martínez, Xosé M.

    Este libro constituye un análisis de primera magnitud de los modelos y tendencias de la reforma fiscal en los países de la OCDE en un periodo amplio que abarca más de treinta años de nuestra reciente historia financiera, entronca con la …

  • Digital economy

    Digital economy
    Gianfranco Miccoli

    L’economia digitale è il risultato di un processo di trasformazione guidata dalle tecnologie dell’informazione e della comunicazione (“ITC” o “IT”), che ha consentito di creare nuove relazioni economico-sociali, migliorando i …

  • Tax and Corporate Governance

    Tax and Corporate Governance
    Wolfgang Schön

    Against this background, this volume is the first to present a fully-fledged overview of the interdependence of tax and corporate governance.

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