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  • Structural Adjustment

    Structural Adjustment
    Giles Mohan

    Focusing on Africa, Latin America and Asia, this book presents the origins, impacts and alternatives to SAPs in an accessible and systematic manner and demonstrates the complex effects of these programmes.

  • The Seeds of Innovation

    The Seeds of Innovation
    Elaine Dundon

    Innovation thought leader Dundon offers a how-to prescription for building creative and strategic innovation skills at all levels of an organization.

  • Strategic Organization Development

    Strategic Organization Development
    Therese F. Yaeger, Peter F. Sorensen

    This second volume in the Contemporary Trends in Organization Development and Change Series addresses one of the most complex and important issues for management and organization development today how to plan for and create an organization …

  • Structural Adjustment in the Transition Case Studies from Parts 63 429

    Structural Adjustment in the Transition: Case Studies from …, Parts 63-429
    Paul Siegelbaum

    Annotation The study reviews the transition efforts of four countries – Albania, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz Republic, and Moldova, to develop recommendations, which may benefit countries in future transition efforts.

  • Reshaping Change

    Reshaping Change
    Patrick Dawson

    Examining and exploring change as a process rather than a one-off event, this exciting text analyzes change in context, and features case studies based on in-depth data research, interviews and extensive fieldwork.

  • Alliance of Civilizations

    Alliance of Civilizations
    Alliance of Civilizations. High-Level Group

    The Alliance of Civilizations was launched by the UN in 2005, with the co-sponsorship of the Governments of Spain and Turkey, with the aim of promoting a broad consensus across nations, cultures and religions based on the belief that all …

  • Business Genius

    Business Genius
    Peter Fisk

    Combining the entrepreneurial passion of a start-up with the commercial rigour of large enterprises… this is for everyone who seeks the inspiration to think and act differently.

  • Real Time Strategic Change

    Real Time Strategic Change
    Robert H. Jacobs

    Real Time Strategic Change demonstrates the flexibility and power of this approach in stories from such diverse organizations as Marriott Hotels, Ford Motor Company, Kaiser Permanente, First Nationwide Bank, United Airlines, and a group of …

  • Environmental Politics and Institutional Change

    Environmental Politics and Institutional Change
    Elim Papadakis

    An examination of the responsiveness of Australian political institutions to environmental concerns.

  • Networks Space and Competitiveness

    Networks, Space and Competitiveness
    Roberta Capello, Tomaz Ponce Dentinho

    Networks, Space and Competitiveness will prove an invaluable resource for academics, students and researchers across a range of fields including international and regional economics, regional science, economic geography and international …

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