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  • The Oxford Handbook of Innovation Management

    The Oxford Handbook of Innovation Management
    Mark Dodgson, David M. Gann, Nelson Phillips

    The Oxford Handbook of Innovation Management offers a comprehensive and timely analysis of the nature and importance of innovation and the strategies and practices that can be used to improve organizational benefits from innovation.

  • Designing Organizations

    Designing Organizations
    Richard M. Burton, Bo Eriksen, Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson, Thorbjørn Knudsen, Charles C. Snow

    This is a benchmark publication in the field of organization design (OD). Featured in the book are the more practical elements of implementing OD in organizations.

  • Fables and the Art of Leadership

    Fables and the Art of Leadership
    Donna Mitroff, Ian I. Mitroff

    This book is for today's managers and executives as well as people from all walks of life, who aspire to become and be better leaders"–

  • Interorganisational Standards

    Interorganisational Standards
    Ulrich M. Löwer

    The development of comprehensive interorganisational standards, however, is far from being completed. This book thus answers the questions, how interorganisational standards are developed and how different actors should get involved in it.

  • Chinese Provincial Leaders

    Chinese Provincial Leaders
    Alan M. Glassman, Deone Zell, Shari Duron

    This innovative book provides the first in-depth look at how real organizations are formulating and implementing strategic change under this new paradigm.

  • Who Will Take Over the Business

    Who Will Take Over the Business
    Susan Latremoille, Peter Creaghan

    I have recommended this book to every member of my family." —Jack May, Co-Founder, Maple Lodge Farms "For over 150 years, as a family business we have learned many of the valuable lessons contained in this informative book, sometimes the …

  • A Delicate Balance

    A Delicate Balance
    Eric Landree

    This description of the application of the RAND Corporation1s PortMan portfolio analysis and management method and Delphi consensus-building method for the National Security Agency (NSA) Information Sharing Services (ISS) division …

  • Advances in Production Management Systems

    Advances in Production Management Systems
    Norio Okino, Hiroyuki Tamura, Susumu Fujii

    This volume includes 41 revised papers selected from 125 papers presented at the th 6 IFIP Technical Committee 5/Working Group 5.7 International Conference on Advances in Production Management Systems – APMS'96 -held at Kyoto, Japan, 4-6 …

  • Facets of Systems Science

    Facets of Systems Science
    George J. Klir

    This book has a rather strange history.

  • Above the Fray

    Above the Fray
    Larry Parman

    The premise of "Above the Fray" is that the Information Age is creating a turbulence most business owners fail to acknowledge or take steps to profitably manage. "Above the Fray" offers a method of creating a vision that produces clarity.

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