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  • National Monopoly to Successful Multinational the case of Enel

    National Monopoly to Successful Multinational: the case of Enel
    Massimo Bergami, Pier Luigi Celli, Giuseppe Soda

    Using the Enel case, this volume unpacks the effective implementation of an ambidextrous perspective on adaptation and change, providing some key lessons for managers and scholars.

  • La empresa triunfadora

    La empresa triunfadora
    Maria Cristina Nardone, Roberta Prato Previde, Roberta Milanese

    Las empresas triunfadoras se distinguen del resto por su capacidad para evolucionar y cambiar de estrategia según las mutaciones que sufren los mercados y el mundo que las rodea.

  • Implementing Beyond Budgeting

    Implementing Beyond Budgeting
    Bjarte Bogsnes

    "A leading practitioner in the Beyond Budgeting movement." –Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, from their latest book, The Execution Premium "This is an excellent book for those who want to grapple with the difficult task of radically …

  • Managementkonzepte aus Sicht der Organisationskultur

    Managementkonzepte aus Sicht der Organisationskultur
    Christian Zielowski

    Christian Zielowski entwickelt ein Modell zur Analyse, Adaption und Implementierung von Managementkonzepten, das besonders die Rahmenbedingungen industrieller Produktionsbetriebe berücksichtigt.

  • Erfolgreiches Ideenmanagement in der Praxis

    Erfolgreiches Ideenmanagement in der Praxis
    Hans-Dieter Schat

    Hans-Dieter Schat ist (Co-)Autor von rund 100 Publikationen, die sich auf das Ideenmanagement und den demografischen Wandel konzentrieren.

  • Strategy

    Stewart R Clegg, Chris Carter, Martin Kornberger, Jochen Schweitzer

    In particular, this book illuminates the role of power and politics in strategy – an issue that has been overlooked in most textbooks in this area.

  • Business Leadership and the Lessons from Sport

    Business Leadership and the Lessons from Sport
    H. Westerbeek, A. Smith

    Sport represents a very intense and dynamic form of competition for individuals and for teams.

  • Konglomerate Unternehmensdiversifikation

    Konglomerate Unternehmensdiversifikation
    Mark Alexander Müller

    Mark Alexander Müller überprüft und bewertet die kontroversen Befunde und Vorgehen der Diversifikationsforschung – insbesondere im Hinblick auf die Messung von Unternehmensdiversifikation.

  • Handbook for Supply Chain Risk Management

    Handbook for Supply Chain Risk Management
    Omera Khan, George A. Zsidisin

    The Handbook for Supply Chain Risk Management offers the first comprehensive collection of diverse practices executives and practitioners in most any industry can adopt to proactively manage supply chain risks and improve their overall …

  • Social Innovation

    Social Innovation
    A. Nicholls, A. Murdock

    Focusing on social innovation broadly conceived in the context of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise in their global context this book is organised to address three of the most important themes in social innovation: strategies …

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