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  • Business Mathematics and Statistics

    Business Mathematics and Statistics
    Andy Francis

    The sixth edition provides a thorough grounding in basic mathematical and statisical techniques for business students, and students on a professional course such as accounting.

  • Statistics for Finance

    Statistics for Finance
    Erik Lindström, Henrik Madsen, Jan Nygaard Nielsen

    The book discusses applications of financial derivatives pertaining to risk assessment and elimination.

  • Data Analysis with Mplus

    Data Analysis with Mplus
    Christian Geiser

    A practical introduction to using Mplus for the analysis of multivariate data, this volume provides step-by-step guidance, complete with real data examples, numerous screen shots, and output excerpts.

  • An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance

    An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance
    Sheldon M. Ross

    Contains a new chapter on optimization methods in finance, a new section on Value at Risk and Conditional Value at Risk, plus much more.

  • Employment Hours and Earnings 2008

    Employment, Hours, and Earnings 2008
    Mary Meghan Ryan

    Special features of this volume include more than 250 tables presenting historical data on employment, hours, and earnings by state and local areas under the new North American Industry Classification System; detailed industry data …

  • OM

    David Alan Collier, James R. Evans

    Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

  • Statistical Models for Data Analysis

    Statistical Models for Data Analysis
    Paolo Giudici, Salvatore Ingrassia, Maurizio Vichi

    The papers in this book cover issues related to the development of novel statistical models for the analysis of data.

  • Extreme Value Methods with Applications to Finance

    Extreme Value Methods with Applications to Finance
    Serguei Y. Novak

    In addition, the book covers: Extremes in samples of random size Methods of estimating extreme quantiles and tail probabilities Self-normalized sums of random variables Measures of market risk Along with examples from finance and insurance …

  • Binomial Models in Finance

    Binomial Models in Finance
    John van der Hoek, Robert J Elliott

    This book describes the modelling of prices of ?nancial assets in a simple d- crete time, discrete state, binomial framework.

  • Advances in K means Clustering

    Advances in K-means Clustering
    Junjie Wu

    The thesis on which this book is based has won the "2010 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award", the highest honor for not more than 100 PhD theses per year in China.

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