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  • Innovation Training

    Innovation Training
    Ruth Ann Hattori, Joyce Wycoff

    The material in this book is appropriate for those who have never thought of themselves as ""creative"" and for those who are considered highly creative and innovative.

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    Кадровое делопроизводство. Учебник
    С. Кузнецов, Татьяна Кузнецова

    В учебнике изложен курс «Кадровое делопроизводство», входящий в базовую часть дисциплин ФГОС ВО по направлению подготовки 46.03.02 …

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    Тайны профессионального секретаря-референта: идеальная организация рабочего дня шефа
    Илья Мельников

    В настоящее время профессия секретаря-референта является одной из самых востребованных на рынке труда, как среди соискателей, так …

  • Advances in Data Envelopment Analysis

    Advances in Data Envelopment Analysis
    Rolf Färe, Shawna Grosskopf, Dimitris Margaritis

    Advances in Data Envelopment Analysis focuses on both theoretical developments and their applications into the measurement of productive efficiency and productivity growth, such as its application to the modelling of time substitution, i.e. …

  • Administrative Assistant s and Secretary s Handbook

    Administrative Assistant’s and Secretary’s Handbook
    James Stroman

    Now in its third edition, the book has been completely revised with expanded coverage of topics including electronic records management, interpersonal and communication skills, troubleshooting computer problems, time and stress management, …

  • Art of the Helicopter

    Art of the Helicopter
    John Watkinson

    Whilst the contents of the book are expressed in straightforward language there is no oversimplification and the content is based on established physics and accepted theory.

  • Get Started In Shorthand Pitman 2000

    Get Started In Shorthand: Pitman 2000
    Pitman Publishing

    Is this the right book for me?

  • Time Well Spent

    Time Well Spent
    Lyndon Jones, Paul Loftus

    Organisation and modification of major work habits can turn people into high-performing professionals with control over their work and life. Time Well Spent teaches you how to be efficient and accomplish more with less effort.

  • El canon del Management

    El canon del Management
    Alfonso Durán Pich

    Un libro de referencia que acabará siendo un clásico.Los libros de Management analizados: The Principles of Scientific Management, Frederick W. Taylor Administration Industrielle et Générale, Henri FayolHow to Win Friends & Influence …

  • Encyclopedia of the Solar System

    Encyclopedia of the Solar System
    Paul Weissman, Lucy-Ann McFadden, Torrence Johnson

    Key Features * Cross-referenced throughout for easy comprehension * Superbly illustrated with over 700 photos, drawings, and diagrams, including 36 color plates * Provides 40 thematically organized chapters by more than 50 eminent …

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