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  • Management Competence

    Management Competence
    Andreas Enders

    This book uses state-of-the-art methodologies to deliver empirical evidence for the value of management competence in leading to both operational excellence and financial success.

  • Management and Marketing of Services

    Management and Marketing of Services
    Peter Mudie, Angela Cottam

    This second edition of The Management and Marketing of Services builds on the success of the first edition and now includes increased coverage of many key areas, extensive examples and case studies.

  • Sonic Branding

    Sonic Branding
    D. Jackson

    This book defines a new competitive arena in the creation and development of brands – sound. Sonic branding is a new fast growing area related to advertising and media development of the branding experience.

  • The Ultimate Sales Machine

    The Ultimate Sales Machine
    Chet Holmes

    Chet Holmes has been called "one of the top 20 change experts in the country.

  • CIM Coursebook 08 09 Marketing for Stakeholders

    CIM Coursebook 08/09 Marketing for Stakeholders
    Neil Botten, Julia McColl, David Harris, Michelle Gledhill

    Each chapter is packed full of case studies, study tips and activities to test your learning and understanding as you go along. •The coursebooks are the only study guide reviewed and approved by CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing). …

  • The Marketing Environment RLE Marketing

    The Marketing Environment (RLE Marketing)
    John A. Dawson

    This comprehensive work, covering a wide spectrum of the marketing environment, provides a fundamental basis to marketing geography for those concerned with market research, comparative and international marketing, and the study of economic …

  • Sales Presentation Techniques

    Sales Presentation Techniques
    Stephan Schiffman

    Sales Guru Stephan Schiffman shows you how to give your presentation the ultimate "wow" factor.

  • The 250 Power Words That Sell

    The 250 Power Words That Sell
    Stephan Schiffman

    Convey the ability to meet your clients' demands. Overcome objections during negotiations. With The 250 Power Words That Sell, you will watch your performance soar as you beat out the competition and surpass quota every quarter!

  • Marketing y nià os

    Marketing y niños
    Victoria Tur Viñes, Irene Ramos Soler

    Este libro se dirige a todos aquellos profesionales que se enfrentan a diario con decisiones de marketing relacionadas con los niños y que necesitan contemplar, desde múltiples perspectivas, los constantes desafíos que emergen en el seno …

  • Selling Your Crafts at Craft Shows

    Selling Your Crafts at Craft Shows
    Madelaine Gray

    There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life.

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