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  • Value Stream Management for the Lean Office

    Value Stream Management for the Lean Office
    Don Tapping, Tom Shuker

    BONUS CD! Along with this book you receive a CD containing a lean assessment tool, a storyboard template, useful charts, a team charter, forms, reports, and worksheets!

  • The Pocket Idiot s Guide to Six Sigma

    The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Six Sigma
    Anthony Weeks, Marsha Shapiro

    Aimed at employees- rather than managers-this guide quickly and easily explains everything employees need to know about Six Sigma, including what it is and what it can accomplish, why companies are implementing it, how employees are …

  • Operations Management

    Operations Management
    Peter Jones, Peter Robinson

    A truly engaging package for those with little knowledge or experience in operations management.

  • CMMI for Services

    CMMI for Services
    Eileen Forrester, Brandon Buteau, Sandra Shrum

    Brief essays by people with experience in different application areas further illustrate how the model works in practice and what benefits it offers. The book is divided into three parts.

  • The Innovation Factory

    The Innovation Factory
    Gilles Garel, Elmar Mock

    In this book, he passionately tells how he helped to create this breakthrough innovation that saved the Swiss watch industry in the 1980s.

  • Transforming Strategy Into Success

    Transforming Strategy Into Success
    George Shinkle, Lloyd H. Gooding, Michael L. Smith

    This book is filled with real-life success stories that illustrate how companies have profited through the use of this lean methodology.

  • Organizational Assessment and Improvement in the Public Sector Workbook

    Organizational Assessment and Improvement in the Public Sector Workbook
    Kathleen M. Immordino

    This workbook addresses how to: Determine whether an organizational assessment would benefit a particular organization Evaluate organizational readiness for assessment, in terms of leadership support, organizational priorities, timing, …

  • The Dinner Club

    The Dinner Club
    Shannon Henry

    The " diva" takes readers inside a group of businessmen who built the 1990s' boom and shows how they survived the rise and fall of the greatest economy ever. 16 photos.

  • Managing Organizational Risk Using the Supplier Audit Program

    Managing Organizational Risk Using the Supplier Audit Program
    Lance B. Coleman, Sr

    This, too, is where the majority of product realization risk lies. This book defines what risk-based thinking is and how to apply it from the perspective of helping manage organizational risk through the supplier audit process.

  • Interpreting the CMMI R

    Interpreting the CMMI (R)
    Margaret K. Kulpa, Kent A. Johnson

    The authors have been responsible for successfully implementing process improvement in several different organizations. This book is based on real-life experience, not on academic theories.

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