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  • Universal and Accessible Design for Products Services and Processes

    Universal and Accessible Design for Products, Services, and Processes
    Robert F. Erlandson

    Divided into four sections, the book begins with a broad-brush overview of the societal and global issues that continue to nurture the growth of accessible and universal design.

  • Design for Lean Six Sigma

    Design for Lean Six Sigma
    Rajesh Jugulum, Philip Samuel

    This is a similar approach to that used by Forrest Breyfogle in his successful book: "Implementing Six Sigma, 2E".

  • Quality Management Systems

    Quality Management Systems
    Howard S Gitlow

    This book presents a model of Quality Management that combines the theoretical base of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and the practical techniques of the Japanese into a useful application.

  • Operations Management

    Operations Management
    Peter Jones, Peter Robinson

    A truly engaging package for those with little knowledge or experience in operations management.

  • Making IT Lean

    Making IT Lean
    Howard Williams, Rebecca Duray

    Making IT Lean: Applying Lean Practices to the Work of IT presents Lean concepts and techniques for improving processes and eliminating waste in IT operations and IT Service Management, in a manner that is easy to understand.

  • Amoeba Management

    Amoeba Management
    Kazuo Inamori

    Facilitating the understanding required to divide your organization into small units with self-supporting accounting, this book supplies the tools to achieve a system of management by all whereby all amoeba members focus their strengths on …

  • A Tale of Two Systems

    A Tale of Two Systems
    Michael K. Levine

    This business parable reviews two different systems development projects.

  • LEAN Supply Chain Planning

    LEAN Supply Chain Planning
    Josef Packowski

    This holistic practitioner’s guide describes how to establish the right accountabilities for performance management and also provides a set of meaningful metrics to help measure your progress.

  • Quick Response Manufacturing

    Quick Response Manufacturing
    Rajan Suri

    Providing guidelines for establishing a QRM enterprise, this volume builds upon kaizen, TQM, TPM, and other practice to help organizations streamline all functions of their operation.

  • Out of the Box Thinking for Successful Managers

    Out of the Box Thinking for Successful Managers
    William F. Roth

    The book reviews a range of management theories, including Six Sigma, downsizing, and management by objective.

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