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  • Purchasing Performance

    Purchasing Performance
    Mr Derek Roylance

    The book recommends operating the function as a business within a business. Part of this approach is to increase market share by better internal marketing and selling of their procurement expertise.

  • Using Models to Improve the Supply Chain

    Using Models to Improve the Supply Chain
    Charles C. Poirier

    A practical guide for moving your supply chain effort forward, Using Models to Improve the Supply Chain provides the missing links needed to reach the necessary level of achievement.

  • The Supply Chain in Manufacturing Distribution and Transportation

    The Supply Chain in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Transportation
    Kenneth D. Lawrence, Ronald K. Klimberg, Virginia M. Miori

    This compilation of scholarly research work from academia and industry considers high-level production schedules, product sourcing, network alignment, distribution center layouts, transportation operations with stochastic demand, inventory …

  • Quantitative Models for Value Based Supply Chain Management

    Quantitative Models for Value-Based Supply Chain Management
    Marcus Brandenburg

    The book contributes to this research gap by proposing quantitative models that allow for assessing influences of SCM on the value of a firm.

  • Retailing in the 21st Century

    Retailing in the 21st Century
    Manfred Krafft, Murali K. Mantrala

    With crisp and insightful contributions from some of the world’s leading experts in retailing, Retailing in the 21st Century offers in one book a compendium of state-of-the-art, cutting-edge knowledge to guide successful retailing in the …

  • Re Engineering the Manufacturing System

    Re-Engineering the Manufacturing System
    Robert E. Stein

    An information systems trailblazer in the domains of decision support and factory and supply chain synchronization, the second edition of Re-Engineering the Manufacturing System stays true to its title, once again bestowing uniquely …

  • Managing e business Projects

    Managing e-business Projects
    Thomas Stoehr

    Written on the back of first-hand experience this book provides a solid framework for managing e-business projects.

  • Brookings Trade Forum 2000

    Brookings Trade Forum: 2000
    Susan M. Collins, Dani Rodrik

    This annual series provides comprehensive analysis on current and emerging issues of international trade and macroeconomics.

  • Engineering for Sustainability

    Engineering for Sustainability
    Dennis F.X. Mathaisel, Joel M. Manary, Ned H. Criscimagna

    This book tackles the problem from the top down, beginning with discussions on planning initiatives and implementing sustainable activities.

  • Supply Chain Engineering

    Supply Chain Engineering
    Marc Goetschalckx

    In this book, author Marc Goetschalckx presents material developed at the Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute, the largest supply chain and logistics research and education program in the world.

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