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  • Public Finance

    Public Finance
    Joshua E Greene

    This book expands on issues like fiscal sustainability, state enterprises and the variety of subsidies, with a multi-country focus.

  • Is the PRGF Living Up to Expectations

    Is the PRGF Living Up to Expectations?
    Mr. Benedict J. Clements, Ms. Gabriela Inchauste, Mrs. Nita Thacker, Mr. Thomas William Dorsey, Mr. Shamsuddin Tareq, Mr. Emanuele Baldacci, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Mr. Mark W. Plant

    In late 1999 the IMF established the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) to integrate the objectives of poverty reduction and growth more fully into its operations for the poorest countries, and to base these operations on national …

  • Sustainability of External Imbalances

    Sustainability of External Imbalances
    Angelique Herzberg

    Angélique Herzberg fills this gap by examining a broad range of established sustainability measures concerning their applicability to the various global and intra-euro imbalances of the recent past.

  • Chancen fĂ r das deutsche Gesundheitssystem

    Chancen fĂĽr das deutsche Gesundheitssystem
    Michael E. Porter, Clemens Guth

    Die Kosten im deutschen Gesundheitssystem steigen, zugleich werden Qualitätsprobleme immer offensichtlicher – trotz aller Reformbemühungen.

  • Contemporary Economic Analysis Routledge Revivals

    Contemporary Economic Analysis (Routledge Revivals)
    David Currie, Will Peters

    First published in 1980, this book collects 17 lectures presented at the annual conference of the Association of University Teachers of Economics covering a wide range issues and debates.

  • Nachhaltige Entwicklung im Personenverkehr

    Nachhaltige Entwicklung im Personenverkehr
    Sigurd Weinreich

    Das vorliegende Buch gibt Antworten auf die Frage, inwieweit die verursachergerechte Anlastung der externen Kosten einen Beitrag fĂĽr eine nachhaltige Entwicklung im deutschen Personenverkehr leisten kann.

  • Finanzierung von Social Entrepreneurship durch Venture Philanthropy und Social Venture Capital

    Finanzierung von Social Entrepreneurship durch Venture Philanthropy und Social Venture Capital
    Peter Heister

    Peter Heister analysiert den Auswahlprozess und die Auswahlkriterien von Venture-Philanthropy- und Social-Venture-Capital-Gesellschaften fĂĽr die Finanzierung von Social Entrepreneurship auf der Basis von Fallstudien.

  • Challenging the Orthodoxy

    Challenging the Orthodoxy
    Susan K Schroeder, Lynne Chester

    This collection, spanning these themes, honours Stilwell’s contribution to Australian political economy after more than 40 years teaching at the University of Sydney.

  • Economics as Applied Ethics

    Economics as Applied Ethics
    Wilfred Beckerman

    This important textbook has been revised and updated to continue its focus on the link between ethics and economic policy analysis, whilst ensuring that perspectives addressing the moral limits of the market, latest behavioural economics …

  • Forensic Economics

    Forensic Economics
    Frank D. Tinari

    This edited collection addresses the major issues encountered in the calculation of economic damages to individuals in civil litigation.

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