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  • Preventing Regulatory Capture

    Preventing Regulatory Capture
    Daniel Carpenter, David A. Moss

    Is capture truly as powerful and unpreventable as the informed consensus seems to suggest? This edited volume brings together seventeen scholars from across the social sciences to address this question.

  • Asset Prices Booms and Recessions

    Asset Prices, Booms and Recessions
    Willi Semmler

    The focus in this book is on theories, dynamic models and empirical evidence. Empirical applications relate to episodes of financial instability and financial crises of the U.S., Latin American, Asian as well as Euro-area countries.

  • On Kolm s Theory of Macrojustice

    On Kolm’s Theory of Macrojustice
    Claude Gamel, Michel Lubrano

    This book is organised as a discussion around four complementary themes: philosophical aspects of macrojustice, economic analysis of macrojustice, combination of ELIE with other targeted tranfers, econometric evaluations of ELIE.

  • Balance of Payments Manual Sixth Edition

    Balance of Payments Manual, Sixth Edition
    International Monetary Fund

    The sixth edition of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual presents revised and updated standards for concepts, definitions, and classifications for international accounts statistics.

  • Le Pouvoir des petits actionnaires

    Le Pouvoir des petits actionnaires
    Pierre Chaigneau

    Les petits actionnaires, figures emblématiques du nouveau capitalisme, se sont imposés en Bourse sans qu'on ne mette en doute leur aptitude à y intervenir.

  • Making Fiscal Decentralization Work

    Making Fiscal Decentralization Work
    Ms. Annalisa Fedelino

    This book draws on both the relevant literature and policy and technical advice provided by the IMF to a wide range of member countries, and discusses the key factors that help make decentralization sustainable, efficient, and equitable …

  • The Netherlands

    The Netherlands
    International Monetary Fund

    The striking turnaround in the Netherlands' economic performance over the past decade and a half has attracted widespread attention.

  • Responsive Regulation

    Responsive Regulation
    Ian Ayres, John Braithwaite

    This book transcends current debate on government regulation by lucidly outlining how regulations can be a fruitful combination of persuasion and sanctions.

  • Interest Rate Policies in Developing Countries

    Interest Rate Policies in Developing Countries
    International Monetary Fund

    These issues arise from consideration both on the demand side, as interest rates affect the magnitude of aggregate demand, and on the supply side, as they influence the volume and quality of investment and, thus, the growth of output.

  • Finanziaria 2006 Le novit legislative

    Finanziaria 2006. Le novità legislative

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