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  • The Political Economy of Public Debt

    The Political Economy of Public Debt
    Richard M. Salsman

    Beyond its value as a definitive, authoritative history of thought on public debt, this book rehabilitates and reintroduces a realist perspective into a contemporary debate now heavily dominated by pessimists and optimists alike.

  • The Politics of Public Management

    The Politics of Public Management
    David A. Good, Institute of Public Administration of Canada

    'This book contributes significantly to our understanding of public administration in general and of the relationships between public servants and other major political actors in particular .

  • The Decline and Fall of Europe

    The Decline and Fall of Europe
    Francesco M. Bongiovanni

    The Decline and Fall of Europe reveals the hidden cracks that threaten to tear Europe apart, many of which have been deliberately ignored by politicians for decades and in the process asks the question – is project Europe really worth …

  • Handbook of New Institutional Economics

    Handbook of New Institutional Economics
    Claude Menard, Mary M. Shirley

    New Institutional Economics (NIE) has skyrocketed in scope and influence over the last three decades. This first Handbook of NIE provides a unique and timely overview of recent developments and broad orientations.

  • Fear City

    Fear City
    Kim Phillips-Fein

    In this vivid account, historian Kim Phillips-Fein tells the remarkable story of the crisis that engulfed the city.

  • Chancen fĂ r das deutsche Gesundheitssystem

    Chancen fĂĽr das deutsche Gesundheitssystem
    Michael E. Porter, Clemens Guth

    Die Kosten im deutschen Gesundheitssystem steigen, zugleich werden Qualitätsprobleme immer offensichtlicher – trotz aller Reformbemühungen.

  • Appeasing Bankers

    Appeasing Bankers
    Jonathan Kirshner

    This book is a tremendous accomplishment."–Louis W. Pauly, University of Toronto "Appeasing Bankers makes a pathbreaking contribution to the study of conflict in international relations.

  • International Handbook of Financial Literacy

    International Handbook of Financial Literacy
    Carmela Aprea, Eveline Wuttke, Klaus Breuer, Noi Keng Koh, Peter Davies, Bettina Greimel-Fuhrmann, Jane S. Lopus

    This Handbook presents in-depth research conducted on a myriad of issues within the field of financial literacy.

  • Economics as Applied Ethics

    Economics as Applied Ethics
    Wilfred Beckerman

    This important textbook has been revised and updated to continue its focus on the link between ethics and economic policy analysis, whilst ensuring that perspectives addressing the moral limits of the market, latest behavioural economics …

  • Forensic Economics

    Forensic Economics
    Frank D. Tinari

    This edited collection addresses the major issues encountered in the calculation of economic damages to individuals in civil litigation.

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