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  • Assessing Quality in European Higher Education Institutions

    Assessing Quality in European Higher Education Institutions
    Chiara Orsingher

    This book collects the evaluation and accreditation experiences gathered by higher education institutions in Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

  • Knowledge Integration and Innovation

    Knowledge Integration and Innovation
    Christian Berggren, Anna Bergek, Lars Bengtsson, Michael Hobday, Jonas Söderlund

    This book demonstrates how knowledgeintegration is crucial in facilitating innovation within modern firms.

  • Strategic Intelligence

    Strategic Intelligence
    Michael Maccoby

    This book uniquely integrates leadership, personality and organization. Michael Maccoby has almost unparalleled experience of working with organizations in a wide variety of contexts.

  • Development Coalitions in Working Life

    Development Coalitions in Working Life
    Bjørn Gustavsen, Tom Colbjørnsen, Øyvind Pålshaugen

    As such it is part of broad groups of actors, or development coalitions, as they are called in this book. Each coalition acquires unique characteristics and demands unique contributions from participating researchers.

  • Exploring Knowledge Intensive Business Services

    Exploring Knowledge-Intensive Business Services
    Eleonora Di Maria, Roberto Grandinetti, Barbara Di Bernardo

    This volume contains rich case studies, surveys and quantitative economic analysis carried out in Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Russia and Spain.

  • Formation and Early Growth of Business Webs

    Formation and Early Growth of Business Webs
    Florian Steiner

    In the past, research focused on management issues of such webs but neglected the important question of how they actually came into being. The present book explicitly examines the formation and early growth of business webs.

  • Action Research

    Action Research
    Davydd J. Greenwood

    This book includes theoretical and historical overviews of action research, reflections on the writing process, narratives about the design and difficult internal processes of ACRES, and a selection of the participants' writings.

  • Researching Enterprise Development

    Researching Enterprise Development
    Morten Levin

    Based on these stories, reflection on a broader analysis of core issues of the program are given on the following topics: _ the processes within the program and changing models for leadership _ how research groups become proficient as …

  • New Forms and Expressions of Conflict at Work

    New Forms and Expressions of Conflict at Work
    G. Gall

    This collection analyses new forms and expressions of conflict at work under capitalism.

  • Marketing Essentials

    Marketing Essentials
    Jim Blythe

    This textbook is a useful companion for the CIM professional marketing qualification.

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