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  • Stochastic Linear Programming

    Stochastic Linear Programming
    Peter Kall, János Mayer

    In this book models in financial optimization and risk analysis are discussed as examples, including solution methods and their implementation. Stochastic programming is a fast developing area of optimization and mathematical programming.

  • Data Driven Remaining Useful Life Prognosis Techniques

    Data-Driven Remaining Useful Life Prognosis Techniques
    Xiao-Sheng Si, Zheng-Xin Zhang, Chang-Hua Hu

    This book introduces data-driven remaining useful life prognosis techniques, and shows how to utilize the condition monitoring data to predict the remaining useful life of stochastic degrading systems and to schedule maintenance and …

  • Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

    Customer Satisfaction Evaluation
    Evangelos Grigoroudis, Yannis Siskos

    This important new work provides a comprehensive discussion of the customer satisfaction evaluation problem.

  • Mathematics and Politics

    Mathematics and Politics
    Alan D. Taylor, Allison M. Pacelli

    " The examples and the exercises have been updated and enhanced throughout. Reviews from first edition: This book is well written and has much math of interest.

  • Handbook for Supply Chain Risk Management

    Handbook for Supply Chain Risk Management
    Omera Khan, George A. Zsidisin

    The Handbook for Supply Chain Risk Management offers the first comprehensive collection of diverse practices executives and practitioners in most any industry can adopt to proactively manage supply chain risks and improve their overall …

  • Continuous Cover Forestry

    Continuous Cover Forestry
    Timo Pukkala, Klaus Gadow

    This book presents methods which are relevant to CCF management and planning: analysing forest structures, silvicultural and planning, economic evaluation, based on examples in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America.

  • Disruption Management

    Disruption Management
    Gang Yu, Xiangtong Qi

    Addresses the latest research findings and application results on disruption management. Discusses disruption management for flight scheduling, machine scheduling, discrete production planning problems.

  • Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB Third Edition

    Radar Systems Analysis and Design Using MATLAB Third Edition
    Bassem R. Mahafza

    Developed from the author’s graduate-level courses, the first edition of this book filled the need for a comprehensive, self-contained, and hands-on treatment of radar systems analysis and design.

  • Energy and Environment

    Energy and Environment
    Richard Loulou, Jean-Philippe Waaub, Georges Zaccour

    This new work on energy and environmental modeling describes a broad variety of modeling methodologies, embodied in models of varying scopes and philosophies.

  • Chancen und Risikomanagement in der Bauwirtschaft

    Chancen- und Risikomanagement in der Bauwirtschaft
    Christian Hofstadler, Markus Kummer

    Das Buch befasst sich mit der Kalkulation von Baukosten und Bauzeiten für Auftraggeber und Auftragnehmer in verschiedenen Projektphasen.

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