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  • Case Based Reasoning Research and Development

    Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development
    Manuela Veloso, Agnar Aamodt

    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, ICCBR-95, held in Sesimbra, Portugal, in October 1995.

  • National Monopoly to Successful Multinational the case of Enel

    National Monopoly to Successful Multinational: the case of Enel
    Massimo Bergami, Pier Luigi Celli, Giuseppe Soda

    Using the Enel case, this volume unpacks the effective implementation of an ambidextrous perspective on adaptation and change, providing some key lessons for managers and scholars.

  • Conjugate Gradient Algorithms in Nonconvex Optimization

    Conjugate Gradient Algorithms in Nonconvex Optimization
    Radoslaw Pytlak

    This book details algorithms for large-scale unconstrained and bound constrained optimization.

  • Optimization on Low Rank Nonconvex Structures

    Optimization on Low Rank Nonconvex Structures
    Hiroshi Konno, Phan Thien Thach, Hoang Tuy

    Audience: The book will serve as a fundamental reference book for all those who are interested in mathematical optimization.

  • Handbook for Supply Chain Risk Management

    Handbook for Supply Chain Risk Management
    Omera Khan, George A. Zsidisin

    The Handbook for Supply Chain Risk Management offers the first comprehensive collection of diverse practices executives and practitioners in most any industry can adopt to proactively manage supply chain risks and improve their overall …

  • Reverse Logistics

    Reverse Logistics
    Rommert Dekker, Moritz Fleischmann, Karl Inderfurth, Luk N. van Wassenhove

    This book addresses decision making in reverse logistics, which concerns the integration of used and obsolete products back into the supply chain as valuable resources.

  • Mathematical Classification and Clustering

    Mathematical Classification and Clustering
    Boris Mirkin

    The optimization methods considered are proved to be meaningful in the contexts of data analysis and clustering. The material presented in this book is quite interesting and stimulating in paradigms, clustering and optimization.

  • Disruption Management

    Disruption Management
    Gang Yu, Xiangtong Qi

    Addresses the latest research findings and application results on disruption management. Discusses disruption management for flight scheduling, machine scheduling, discrete production planning problems.

  • Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty

    Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty
    J. Geweke

    Allen, Beth (1986b). "General Equilibrium with Infonnation Sales"; Theory and Decision. 21. (1-33). Allen, Beth (1990). "Infonnation as an Economic Commodity"; American Economic Review. 80. (268-273).

  • Turnpike Theory of Continuous Time Linear Optimal Control Problems

    Turnpike Theory of Continuous-Time Linear Optimal Control Problems
    Alexander J. Zaslavski

    Individual turnpike results are of great interest due to their numerous applications in engineering and in economic theory; in this book the study is focused on new results of turnpike phenomenon in linear optimal control problems.

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