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  • Corporate Interiors Volume 5

    Corporate Interiors, Volume 5
    Roger Yee

    In over 320 pages, this volume presents innovative solutions with over 120 projects by 35 design firms nationwide – solutions that will stimulate and inspire.

  • ZIP Tips

    ZIP! Tips
    Mike Song

    Today, the fastest way to get more done is to focus on tech management—not time management. Mike Song, with the help of productivity superhero “Z,” shows you that the secret is right at your fingertips.

  • Social Technologies in Business

    Social Technologies in Business
    Collectif,, Isabel De Clercq (dir.)

    This is quite revolutionary because individuals start to think for themselves and work becomes more purposeful. REVIEWS This book is at the very intersection between technology and human beings.

  • iPhone for Work

    iPhone for Work
    Ryan Faas

    No matter, because every professional iPhone user across this continuum of experience wants to learn to work smarter, better, and more efficiently. This book shows you how to use your iPhone to do this.

  • Knowledge Management and the Smarter Lawyer

    Knowledge Management and the Smarter Lawyer
    Gretta Rusanow

    Outlining key components of successful legal knowledge management, this book provides strategies designed to help law firms identify, capture, disseminate, and use the knowledge that differentiates them in the marketplace.

  • Electronic HRM in Theory and Practice

    Electronic HRM in Theory and Practice
    Tanya Bondarouk, Huub Ruël, J. C. Looise

    Organizations have increasingly been introducing web-based applications for HRM purposes, and these are frequently labeled as electronic Human Resource Management (e-HRM).

  • BlackBerry for Work

    BlackBerry for Work
    Kunal Mittal, Shikha Gupta

    Make the BlackBerry work for you so you can work better. The authors of BlackBerry for Work have decided to direct their share of the proceeds from the book to a charity in India.

  • Things That Changed the Course of History The Story of the Invention of the Typewriter 150 Years Later

    Things That Changed the Course of History: The Story of the Invention of the Typewriter 150 Years Later
    Hannah Sandoval

    Experience the story of the invention of the typewriter with help from our featured guests: Linda Deutsch, famed former Associated Press reporter; Dorothy Portnoy, long-time typing teacher in Manhattan, and Steven Hausman, technology …

  • It Service Management

    It Service Management
    Ernest Brewster, Richard Griffiths, Aidan Lawes, John Sansbury

    This guide introduces ITIL both to Foundation Exam candidates and to people who require a practical understanding of IT sevice management. An ITIL(R) Licensed Product. "'The no-nonsense approach of this book appeals to me.

  • Buying Information Systems

    Buying Information Systems
    Mr David James

    This book provides a blueprint of what to cover in the early stages of the procurement process so as to prevent the recurring problem of information systems projects that run over budget, over time and yet under perform.

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