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  • The Truth About Effectively Preparing for Negotiations

    The Truth About Effectively Preparing for Negotiations
    Leigh L. Thompson

    This is the eBook version of the printed book. This Element is an excerpt from The Truth About Negotiations (9780136007364) by Leigh Thompson. Available in print and digital formats.

  • Success in Six Cups of Coffee

    Success in Six Cups of Coffee
    Pino Bethencourt

    What can you change now to radically improve your professional future? Success in Six Cups of Coffee joins new technologies with age-old wisdom on human nature to help you succeed on an international scale.

  • The One Minute Negotiator

    The One Minute Negotiator
    Don Hutson, George H. Lucas

    This book will teach you four potential negotiation strategies and show you how to choose the one best suited to the situation, your own inclinations, and the strategy being used by the other side.

  • Gaining Ground in Difficult Negotiations

    Gaining Ground in Difficult Negotiations
    Manon Schonewille, Felix Merks

    Many business negotiations and settlement agreements risk ending with suboptimal outcomes. This book has been compiled to accompany the training of Bruce Patton, one of the world's most prominent scientists and experts on negotiation.

  • Chinese Politics in the Hu Jintao Era New Leaders New Challenges

    Chinese Politics in the Hu Jintao Era: New Leaders, New Challenges
    Willy Lam

    The book also includes a chapter on foreign policy, which contains an insightful account of Beijing's evolving and sometimes difficult relations with the United States, Europe, Japan, and other major countries and blocs, as well as the role …

  • The 3rd Alternative

    The 3rd Alternative
    Stephen R. Covey

    Outlines a breakthrough approach to conflict resolution and creative problem solving that draws on the techniques of thinkers from a broad range of disciplines to explain how to incorporate diverse viewpoints for win-win solutions.

  • Managing Conflict in a Negotiated World

    Managing Conflict in a Negotiated World
    Peter M. Kellett, Diana G. Dalton

    Kellett and Dalton present a core text in Conflict Management derived from extensive class testing of their material.

  • Successfully Sell Your Business

    Successfully Sell Your Business
    Andrew Rogerson

    Written by a professional business broker with many years of real world business experience, this guide shows you how to sell your business in the shortest possible time for the best possible price.

  • Cheetah Negotiations

    Cheetah Negotiations
    Michelle A. Labrosse, Linda Lansky

    No matter what industry you work in, Cheetah Negotiations offers tools, templates and memorable acronyms to help you prepare for a negotiation at any level and become a master negotiator.

  • Negotiate Successfully

    Negotiate Successfully
    Bloomsbury Publishing

    This book will help build confidence and get better results with practical advice on the basic principles of negotiation, how to prepare, how to keep cool under pressure and how to understand and use body language to your advantage.

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