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  • Money Laundering Law

    Money Laundering Law
    Peter Alldridge

    This book examines critically the history, theory and practice of all these developments, culminating in the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, which marks another step in the move towards greater concentration both on the financial aspects of …

  • Global Imbalances

    Global Imbalances
    Mr. Gian-Maria Milesi-Ferretti, Olivier J. Blanchard

    Before the crisis, there were strong arguments for reducing global imbalances.

  • Money and the Nation State

    Money and the Nation State
    Kevin Dowd, Richard Henry Timberlake

    Finally, the authors outline the reforms necessary to create monetary, financial and banking systems free of the episodic inflation, devaluation, debt crises, and exchange rate volatility that have plagued the twentieth century.

  • Financial Crises Liquidity and the International Monetary System

    Financial Crises, Liquidity, and the International Monetary System
    Jean Tirole

    Based on the Paolo Baffi Lecture the author delivered at the Bank of Italy, this refreshingly accessible book is teeming with rich insights that researchers, policy makers, and students at all levels will find indispensable.

  • The Road to Ruin

    The Road to Ruin
    James Rickards

    It’s a guidebook to thinking smarter, acting faster, and living with the comfort­ing knowledge that your wealth is secure. The global elites don’t want this book to exist.

  • Short Introduction to Accounting

    Short Introduction to Accounting
    Richard Barker

    An introduction to the fundamentals of accounting and how it is used that will help students apply accounting as a usable, everyday business tool.

  • Face Value

    Face Value
    Michael O’Malley

    A history and analysis of American views on money and how they are intertwined with race looks at how both are connected to identity and worth and explores the culture of gold fetishism, coded racism, and economic uncertainty.

  • Money Laundering Counter measures in the European Union

    Money Laundering Counter-measures in the European Union
    Valsamis Mitsilegas

    Taking these developments into account, this book examines in detail the evolution and content of money laundering counter-measures in the European Union.

  • Saving Europe

    Saving Europe
    Carlo Bastasin

    Reveals how the nexus of international economics and national politics pushed the monetary union to the brink of extinction, how that disaster was avoided, and why the long-term viability of a common currency challenges politics.

  • The Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments Collected Works of Harry Johnson

    The Monetary Approach to the Balance of Payments (Collected Works of Harry Johnson)
    Jacob A. Frenkel, Harry G. Johnson

    This book collects together the basic documents of an approach to the theory and policy of the balance of payments developed in the 1970s.

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