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  • Ontological Fundamentals for Ethical Management

    Ontological Fundamentals for Ethical Management
    Dominik Heil

    The structure of the course will be largely based on the structure of the book. The book develops a philosophical foundation to the field of management as an academic discipline using the work of Martin Heidegger as a guiding philosophy.

  • Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

    Customer Satisfaction Evaluation
    Evangelos Grigoroudis, Yannis Siskos

    This important new work provides a comprehensive discussion of the customer satisfaction evaluation problem.

  • Business Mathematics and Statistics

    Business Mathematics and Statistics
    Andy Francis

    The sixth edition provides a thorough grounding in basic mathematical and statisical techniques for business students, and students on a professional course such as accounting.

  • Birth of the Chaordic Age

    Birth of the Chaordic Age
    Dee Hock, VISA International

    A inside look at the VISA corporation and the new chaordic business organization method, chaos and order combined, describes how this method works for VISA and how it is being put into practice all over the world. 75,000 first printing. $75 …

  • Advanced Social Media Marketing

    Advanced Social Media Marketing
    Tom Funk

    While this book will be accessible enough for someone implementing a social media program for the first time, it’s ambitious enough to benefit experienced SM hands who are looking for good ideas and techniques to push their online …

  • BWL f r Dummies

    BWL für Dummies
    Tobias Amely, Thomas Krickhahn

    "BWL fï¿1⁄2r Dummies" ist eine kompetente, prï¿1⁄2gnante und umfassende Einfï¿1⁄2hrung in die Betriebswirtschaftslehre.

  • The Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice

    The Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice
    J. Richard Harrison

    This volume celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice, its impact on our understanding of organizational decision making.

  • If Only We Knew What We Know

    If Only We Knew What We Know
    C. Jackson Grayson, Carla O’dell

    Rich with case studies, concrete examples, and revealing anecdotes from companies including Texas Instruments, Amoco, Buckman, Chevron, Sequent Computer, the World Bank, and USAA, this valuable guide reveals how knowledge treasure chests …

  • Introduction to Global Logistics

    Introduction to Global Logistics
    John Manners-Bell

    In this comprehensive book John Manners-Bell provides an in depth definition, description and exploration of the strategic principles and practices in transportation modes and supply chain verticals, including: freight forwarding, contract …

  • Die Vertriebs Offensive

    Die Vertriebs-Offensive
    Dr. Ewald Lang

    Der Inhalt Die Herausforderung: umkämpfte Märkte Strategie 1: Vertriebs-Offensive zur Neukundengewinnung Strategie 2: Vertriebs-Offensive zur Potenzialausschöpfung Der Autor Dr. Ewald Lang ist Vertriebsspezialist für Mittelstands- und …

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