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  • Transformational Corporate Leadership

    Transformational Corporate Leadership
    David Minja, Kirimi Ardon Barine

    This book shares the essence of what it takes to transform any organization successfully and provides examples of transformation in organizations from Kenya.

  • New Rules of the Game

    New Rules of the Game
    Susan Packard

    Packard also shares the stories of other presidents and CEOs who have become great gamers in their own fields, providing you with the insight and inspiration to play the business game smarter, stronger, and more successfully.

  • As 21 irrefutà veis leis da lideranà a

    As 21 irrefutáveis leis da liderança
    John C. Maxwell

    Em 1998, leitores de todo o mundo empresarial foram surpreendidos com a mais impressionante visão de liderança produzida até então, apresentada pelo palestrante e escritor John C. Maxwell em seu livro As 21 irrefutáveis leis da …

  • The Work of Management

    The Work of Management
    Jim Lancaster

  • Introduccià n al liderazgo organizacional

    Introducción al liderazgo organizacional.
    Antonio Duro Martín

    En este trabajo monográfico presentamos un panorama extenso sobre la investigación en liderazgo organizacional.

  • The Art of Connection

    The Art of Connection
    Michael J. Gelb

    But as Michael Gelb argues in this compelling, entertaining book, the meaningful relationships that come from real interaction are the key to creating innovative ideas and solving our most intractable problems.

  • Liderando ao Estilo Starbucks

    Liderando ao Estilo Starbucks
    Joseph A. Michelli

    – Autor considerado best-seller pelo The New York Times No livro Liderando ao Estilo Starbucks – Cinco princípios que irão ajudá-lo a conectar-se com seus clientes, seus produtos e seus próprios funcionários, o autor Joseph A. Michelli …

  • The Personal MBA

    The Personal MBA
    Josh Kaufman

    This revised and expanded edition of the bestselling book, The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman, gives you everything you need to transform your business, your career or your working life forever.

  • Hungry People Better Results

    Hungry People Better Results
    Deepak Malhotra

    This book and the author help you to ignite this 'fire' continually. Each trait and each leader would take you closer to success, happiness, and gratification. The book may lead you to a completely different world.

  • Leadership in Sport

    Leadership in Sport
    Ian O’Boyle, Duncan Murray, Paul Cummins

    With useful features in every chapter, such as key terms and review questions, this is an essential text for sport management or coaching degree courses.

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