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  • Fables and the Art of Leadership

    Fables and the Art of Leadership
    Donna Mitroff, Ian I. Mitroff

    This book is for today's managers and executives as well as people from all walks of life, who aspire to become and be better leaders"–

  • 8 Patterns of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

    8 Patterns of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs
    Brent Bowers

    In this book, he draws on extensive interviews and research, as well as on the experiences and expertise of business consultants, venture capitalists, academia, and the entrepreneurs themselves, to describe the key characteristics shared by …

  • Knowledge and Social Capital

    Knowledge and Social Capital
    Eric L. Lesser

    This edited compilation of authoritative articles helps readers understand how they can build and capitalize on their own organizations' social capital.

  • How Kraft Crafted a Comeback

    How Kraft Crafted a Comeback
    New Word City

    Here are the lessons that apply not only to her business but yours: Get the facts. Get real. Get holistic. Get your people involved. Get the incentives right. Get local. And get organized.

  • I want to Fly where are my Wings

    I want to Fly, where are my Wings
    Rakesh Sidana

    I have written a book on this subject, how you can fly high. I want to fly, where are my wings This is motivational book which tells how you can be free from something which your mind has created.

  • Change Leadership

    Change Leadership
    Russell E. Palmer

    This is the eBook version of the printed book. This Element is an excerpt from Ultimate Leadership: Winning Execution Strategies for Your Situation (9780131933866) by Russell E. Palmer. Available in print and digital formats.

  • Run for Elected Officeâ and Win

    Run for Elected Office—and Win
    Jana M. Kemp

    This book helps readers: Learn the ins and outs of winning an election—from an author who’s done it!

  • The Leadership Contract

    The Leadership Contract
    Vince Molinaro

    This is a timely and important book!" —Chester Elton, motivation expert and bestselling author of All In, The Carrot Principle and What Motivates Me "Dr. Molinaro's important book challenges leaders to become more deliberate and conscious …

  • Built for Growth

    Built for Growth
    Arthur Rubinfeld, Collins Hemingway

    From a major player in Starbucks' expansion and the co-author of Bill Gates' "Business at the Speed of Thought" come specific solutions to create a brand and presence that generates true customer passion and lays a solid foundation for long …

  • The Transforming Leader

    The Transforming Leader
    Carol Pearson

    The group drew on psychology, sociology, neuroscience, organizational change theory, myths and wisdom traditions, social networking theory, and the actual experiences of successful leaders to discover how leaders today achieve …

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