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  • Employee Driven Innovation

    Employee-Driven Innovation
    Steen Høyrup, Maria Bonnafous-Boucher, Cathrine Hasse, Kirsten Møller, Maja Lotz

    Offers unique perspective on advantages, disadvantages of processes of innovation that emerge in everyday working life, emphasizing an often overlooked driver of innovation, namely employees &how they engage in various collaborative forms …

  • The Innovator s Hypothesis

    The Innovator’s Hypothesis
    Michael Schrage

    But this book addresses theinnovation priorities of companies that live in the real world of limits. They want fast, frugal,and high impact innovations. They don't just seek superior innovation, they want superiorinnovators.

  • Beyond Knowledge Management

    Beyond Knowledge Management
    Brian Lehaney

    Providing a combination of the conceptual and practical aspects of knowledge management, this book demonstrates how this management approach can be effectively used.

  • Knowledge Intensive Business Services

    Knowledge Intensive Business Services
    Marcela Miozzo, Damian Grimshaw

    This book, which is strongly oriented towards both policy and theoretical questions, is a valuable addition to a body of literature which is still too scarce. No doubt that it will stimulate further research in this field.

  • Intelligent Support Systems Knowledge Management

    Intelligent Support Systems: Knowledge Management
    Sugumaran, Vijayan

    This book brings together researchers in related fields to explore various aspects of ISS design and implementation, as well as to share experiences and lessons learned in deploying intelligent support systems.

  • Business Strategies for a Messy World

    Business Strategies for a Messy World
    V. Barabba, I. Mitroff

    Using current business examples and academic research, Tools for Systematic Problem-Solving educates managers and executives on how to systematically examine key assumptions to ensure survival and success for their organizations.

  • Information Security Fundamentals

    Information Security Fundamentals
    John A. Blackley, Thomas R. Peltier, Justin Peltier

    This book enables students to understand the key elements that comprise a successful information security program and eventually apply these concepts to their own efforts.


    Jim Davis, Gloria J. Miller, Allan Russell

    Gloria J. Miller es Vicepresidenta, División de Servicios Profesionales de SAS Internacional. Allan Russell es Vicepresidente Senior de Estrategia de SAS Internacional.

  • Data Mining

    Data Mining
    Bhavani Thuraisingham

    Focusing on a data-centric perspective, this book provides a complete overview of data mining: its uses, methods, current technologies, commercial products, and future challenges.

  • 8 Moments of Power in Coaching

    8 Moments of Power in Coaching
    Mark Colgate

    Mark Colgate’s 8 Moments of Power is the missing piece for those hoping to orchestrate a change. Through effective coaching, Colgate contends, organizations learn to set their direction, communicate intent and describe desired values.

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