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  • Strange Trade

    Strange Trade
    Asale Angel-Ajani

    Strange Trade tells the compelling stories of Mary, a Liberian drug courier with a college education, and Pauline, a Ugandan wife, mother, and drug cartel boss.

  • Smart Growth and Climate Change

    Smart Growth and Climate Change
    Matthias Ruth

    Students, scholars and practitioners in the areas of geography, planning, land use, civil and environmental engineering, environmental economics, and policy will find the approaches and strategies in this volume of great interest.

  • Organisations in Action

    Organisations in Action
    Peter A. Clark

    In an essential area of study for every business undergraduate and reflective manager, this original and ambitious work provides a fascinating examination of organizations from both a post-modern and new organizational economics perspective …

  • Financing Cities

    Financing Cities
    George E Peterson, Patricia Clarke Annez

    This book highlights the need to boost infrastructure investment in cities as also the necessity for fiscal management across all levels of government-within the context of decentralizing service delivery responsibilities.

  • Global Justice and Neoliberal Environmental Governance

    Global Justice and Neoliberal Environmental Governance
    Chukwumerije Okereke

    "With specific focus on three environmental regimes, this book explores the way that various notions of justice feature both implicitly and explicitly in the design of global environmental policies.

  • Sustainable Communities and Urban Housing

    Sustainable Communities and Urban Housing
    Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway, Nessa Winston

    This book provides a comparative cross-national perspective on urban housing and sustainability in Europe, exploring the key barriers and drivers associated with sustainable urban development and community regeneration.

  • Criminal Investigation

    Criminal Investigation
    Peter Stelfox

    Criminal investigation has a high profile in the media, and has attracted widespread interest.

  • Millennial Violence

    Millennial Violence
    Jeffrey Kaplan

    This volume encompasses an array of material exploring the millennium phenomenon and the violent excitement it provokes. Consisting of three core parts, the book combines pertinent documents with insightful commentary and discussion.

  • Chasing Ghosts

    Chasing Ghosts
    John E. Mueller, Mark G. Stewart

    Is the threat of terrorism in the United States as vast as it seems and are counterterrorismefforts effective and appropriately-scaled?In Chasing Ghosts,two of our leading critics of the mushrooming national security state show that it has …

  • Histories of State Surveillance in Europe and Beyond

    Histories of State Surveillance in Europe and Beyond
    Kees Boersma, Rosamunde van Brakel, Chiara Fonio, Pieter Wagenaar

    Are there more structural roots for the increase in surveillance? This book attempts to find some answers to these questions by examining how governments have increased their use of surveillance technology.

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