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  • Crisis Recovery and the Role of Accounting Firms in the Pacific Basin

    Crisis, Recovery, and the Role of Accounting Firms in the Pacific Basin
    David L. McKee, Don E. Garner, Yosra AbuAmara McKee

    Explicates the role of major international accounting firms in the economies of the Pacific Rim nations in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s.

  • Capitalist Family Values

    Capitalist Family Values
    Polly Reed Myers

    "Analyzes the ways in which gender roles are institutionalized in Boeing's workplace culture, as well as the contributing policy shifts, economic changes, and social controversies present in American business culture"–

  • Reconceituaà ões contemporà neas do patrimà nio Volume 1

    Reconceituações contemporâneas do patrimônio -, Volume 1
    Marco Aurélio A. de Filgueiras Gomes, Elyane Lins Corrêa

    Esta publicação faz parte da Coleção ArquiMemória, e origina-se de discussões desenvolvidas no quadro de um encontro organizado pelo Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil, em 2008.

  • Public private Partnerships in Europe and Central Asia

    Public-private Partnerships in Europe and Central Asia
    Vickram Cuttaree, X Cledan Mandri-Perrott

    The recent international financial crisis has significantly affected Governments' ability to invest in infrastructure in Europe and Central Asia, with no counterbalancing effects by the private sector.

  • The Japanese Firm

    The Japanese Firm
    Masahiko Aoki, Ronald Philip Dore

    This book represents an attempt to explain and understand aspects of the firm in the Japanese economic system, and to explain the corporate success of Japan.

  • Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti

    Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti
    Mark Schuller

    The book shows how Haitian people were removed from any real decision-making, replaced by a top-down, NGO-dominated system of humanitarian aid, led by an army of often young, inexperienced foreign workers.

  • The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks

    The Economic Impacts of Terrorist Attacks
    James Elliott Moore

    The Midwest Book Review Focussing on the economics of terrorism in the post 9/11 world, this book brings together original research based on the collaborative efforts of leading economists and planners.

  • Strategic Capitalism

    Strategic Capitalism
    Kent E. Calder

    Calder challenges popular opinion to demonstrate how Japanese private enterprise has complemented the state in achieving the national purpose of industrial transformation.

  • Fighting Terrorism at Source

    Fighting Terrorism at Source
    Jean-Paul Azam, Véronique Thelen

    This book offers a unique and insightful econometric evaluation of the policies used to fight transnational terrorism between 1990 and 2014 using a sample of 124 countries.

  • Inequalities in the UK

    Inequalities in the UK
    David Fee, Anémone Kober-Smith

    This book addresses the question of the extent of and responses to inequalities in the UK in 2017 in the wake of the 2008 Great Recession and provides an up-to-date account of the distribution of inequalities, the evolving ways they are …

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