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  • Theories of Inflation

    Theories of Inflation
    Helmut Frisch

    This book provides a survey of the new theories of inflation developed in the last two decades in response to the inflationary pressures experienced by the Western countries.

  • Controlling Inflation

    Controlling Inflation
    Clarence Barber, John McCallum

    Published in 1982, this book examines how eighteen Western countries dealt with extraordinary inflationary pressures of the 1970s.

  • Monetary Policy Over Fifty Years

    Monetary Policy Over Fifty Years
    Heinz Herrmann

    This book is based on a conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

  • Inflation Theory in Economics

    Inflation Theory in Economics
    Max Gillman

    These essays bring together a progression in monetary theory.

  • Dying of Money

    Dying of Money
    Jens O. Parsson

    First published: Boston: Wellspring Press, 1974.

  • EPub

    International Monetary Fund

    Although the theoretical relationships are ambiguous, evidence suggestsa strong link between the choice of the exchange rate regime and economicperformance.

  • Productivity Growth Inflation and Unemployment

    Productivity Growth, Inflation, and Unemployment
    Robert James Gordon

    This book offers sharply etched views on the principal topics of macroeconomics.

  • EURO Bankraub

    Thomas Krause

    Seit vielen Jahren ist die Staatsschulden- und Bankenschuldenkrise nicht gelöst.

  • The Control of Inflation

    The Control of Inflation
    J. E. Meade

    This 1958 book contains the transcription of Meade's inaugural lecture as Professor of Political Economy at Cambridge University

  • Central Bank Strategy Credibility and Independence

    Central Bank Strategy, Credibility, and Independence
    Alex Cukierman

    Alex Cukierman is well known for his work on central bank behavior. This book brings together a large body of Cukierman's research and integrates it with recent developments in the political economy of monetary policy.

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