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  • Investir en tenant compte de l inflation

    Investir en tenant compte de l’inflation
    Guillaume Steffens, 50 minutes,

    Le mot de l'éditeur : « Avec l’auteur, Guillaume Steffens, nous avons cherché à présenter aux lecteurs un petit guide sur l'inflation qui leur permettra de mieux appréhender leurs placements financiers et de maintenir leur pouvoir d …

  • World Inflation Since 1950

    World Inflation Since 1950
    A. J. Brown, Jane Darby

    This book is a comparative study of six nations and the origins of inflation from 1950 till the 1980s.

  • Designing Central Banks

    Designing Central Banks
    Heinz Herrmann, David Mayes, Geoffrey E Wood

    With that foundation, the book will then turn to a series of contemporary themes. Firstly, this book looks at independence, how central banks can actually influence their respective economies, goals, responsibilities and governance.

  • Inflation and Unemployment

    Inflation and Unemployment
    Victor E. Argy, John Nevile

    Originally published in 1985 and contributed to by internationally renowned economists, this volume discusses theoretical issues and country-specific experiences to review the underlying causes of the stagflation of the 1970s and early …

  • The Macroeconomic Environment of Business

    The Macroeconomic Environment of Business
    Maurice D Levi

    If you always thought that macroeconomics was too complex and theoretical to understand, this book is the perfect introduction to the subject.

  • The Great Disorder

    The Great Disorder
    Gerald D. Feldman

    This book presents a comprehensive study of the most famous and spectacular instance of inflation in modern industrial society–that in Germany during and following World War I. A broad, probing narrative, this book studies inflation as a …

  • Freedom and Growth

    Freedom and Growth
    Stephan R. Epstein

    This book examines whether different kinds of 'freedoms' (absolutist, parliamentary and republican) caused different economic outcomes, and shows the effect of different political regimes on long term development.

  • The Truth About Inflation

    The Truth About Inflation
    Paul Donovan

    This book sets out the realities of price changes in the modern investing environment, without using economic equations or jargon.

  • Automatic Government

    Automatic Government
    R. Kent Weaver

    Why would politicians renounce these credit-claiming opportunities instead of embracing them? R. Kent Weaver examines the reasons for the growth of indexing in federal programs and its consequences for current policy.

  • The Unwinding

    The Unwinding
    George Packer

    George Packer narrates the story of America over the past three decades, bringing to the task his empathy with people facing difficult challenges, his sharp eye for detail and a gift for weaving together engaging narratives.

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